Iuav Card

Iuav Card


The Iuav Card is a multi-functional University ID card. It was developed in collaboration with the Banco San Marco (Gruppo Banca Popolare) in order to help offer students even more services.


The Card is valid five years from the date of issue and remains valid even in the case of career changes within the University (like passing from one study programme to another, or enrolling in a graduate degree programme after having received the undergraduate degree). The Iuav Card is useful to access university canteens, libraries, and other university services. It also holds the function of a rechargeable pre-paid card.


The pre-paid card function, with IBAN (International Bank Account Number) code, can be activated at any branch of the Gruppo Banco Popolare (Credito Bergamasco excluded) free of charge.


The Iuav Card is the only way of managing financial relations between the University and the students, therefore it must be activated for the grant of scholarships, and any university fee or other credit that the university needs to refund.


The Card is sent home to all students enrolled in university study programmes, postgraduate specialisation programmes, and doctorate studies after they upload their photo on



Activating and managing the pre-paid card function


How to activate the pre-paid card

The pre-paid card function can be activated at any branch of the Gruppo Banco Popolare (Credito Bergamasco excluded) by bringing the Card together with a valid form of ID and the Italian fiscal code or health card.


For more information and for the most convenient bank branch, go to:


How to recharge the pre-paid card

Once activated, the Card can be recharged at no extra cost:

> with a bank transfer to the IBAN coordinates that are indicated on the Card

> in cash, at Gruppo Banco Popolare subsidiaries

> by third parties, with any ATM card at ATMs of the Qui Multibanca circuit


Any Gruppo Banco Popolare account holder, and Iuav Card holder, can recharge their Card through home and phone banking services.


How to use the pre-paid card

> Purchases: you can make purchases in stores (by signing or by typing the PIN code, if required) and online (through the MasterCard circuit, once you have inserted your card info).


Iuav card is also set for "contactless" payments: in stores that exhibit a “PayPass” sign, you can pay by simply resting the card on the card-reader. In the case of small purchases (up to €25.00), you will not be required to sign or type your PIN code.


> withdrawals: your PIN code will enable you to withdraw cash in Italy and abroad from ATMs holding the MasterCard brand.


The withdrawl is free if made at a Gruppo Banco Popolare counter or ATM.


> transfers and other payments: you can use the Iuav Card to make money transfers, recharge your mobile phone or other pre-paid cards, and pay bills through multi-channel banking Web and Call services.


> RID Direct debit or direct withdrawls: you can domicile the payment of bills or other payments by directly giving the IBAN code associated with your card (NOT your card number) to the service manager.


How to manage the pre-paid card

> multi-channel banking: you can check your bank account and financials through multi-channel banking Web and Call services.


You will receive an SMS, including an update on your available balance, each time you spend over €2.00 with your card.


> customisable usage limits: depending on your requirements, you can customise usage limits (monthly and daily) regarding the transactions made through the MasterCard circuit.


> additional web management: thanks to the innovative WebSafe service, you can selectively enable or disable the use of the card on the Internet, allowing only purchases directly authorised by yourself.



If you lose your card:

> If the pre-paid function has been activated, block the card immediately by contacting customer service. Ask for a new card to be issued to the same branch of first activation.


> If the pre-paid function has not been activated, send an email to and attach a self-certification of loss along with a scanned copy of a valid ID card.



If you choose to discontinue your studies:

> If the pre-paid function has been activated, call on the bank branch you activated it in.


> If the pre-paid function has not been activated, attach it to your official request for university discontinuation.

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customer service

from Italy: 800 024 024

from abroad: (+39) 045 9602800


multi-channel banking

by home banking:

by phone banking: 800 024 024

by mobile (card access via smartphone):



for more information

education and student service office – front office

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30135 Venezia

tel. 041 257 1869

Monday to Friday 10am> 12pm

fax 041 257 1002


front-office hours

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Tuesday 2.30pm > 4.30pm

Thursday 12.30pm > 2.30pm


16 June > 31 August

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