Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:


During and after the academic career of postgraduate specialisation programmes and advanced specialisation courses, it is possible print some certificates on your own.


The procedure is the following one:


- log on to the Online Student Services of Iuav University

- insert UserID and Password

- from MENU (up on the right), click on the item > Secretary > Certificates, in order to print the certificates available.



In addition, referring to the postgraduate specialisation programmes, once passed the final exam and closed the academic career, it is also possible to know the detailed information on diploma availability (which is, hence, a different document from the certificates), click on the item "diplomi master" of the following link (where there are also written the contacts of the competent Office):


Diploma availability >>







in case you have problems with your Online Student Services access credentials, follow the instructions on this page.