Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Registering and Enrolling in Postgraduate Specialisation Programmes and Advanced Specialisation Courses 2022-2023


Registration for Iuav Postgraduate Specialisation Programmes is done exclusively online, following the instructions written in the new Call.

The procedure can be accomplished through the Online Student Services tab (SPIN) on the University Website, as indicated in the Postgraduate Programme Call for Admission.

To apply for admission, you must log on to the Online Student Services tab and register. You will then receive a UserID and Password.


Remember to select tab "ENG" (as shown in our Handbook), so you can go on with the procedure in English language.

Then, candidates will have to click on the Online Student Services, login to the Website Secure Area and select from MENU > "Registrar's office" and click on > "Pre-Enrolment".


In order to complete properly the application, candidates have to pay the € 50.00 admission fee (not refundable).

Following the Committee Evaluation, candidates who will receive a positive result are required to register within the pre-established deadline of the programme or course for which they submitted their application.




Non-EU students residing abroad will also have to pre-enrol online on the Universitaly portal www.universitaly.it, click on > International Students/Pre-enrol now, in order for the diplomatic mission in charge to handle their VISA procedure.




registration fees 2022-2023


The amount of the registration fee for each Postgraduate Specialisation Programme or Course is specified in the relative Call for Admission.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the registration fee for Level I and Level II Postgraduate Programmes will be divided in two instalments that are equal to approximately 50% of the total amount:


first instalment: to be paid by the expiration date of the enrolment deadline;

second instalment: to be paid after the beginning of the programme, and within three months from the enrolment deadline.



call for admissions a.y. 2022-2023 and Guidelines


For info and details on online applications:


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forms and paperwork


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Didactic attendance preference form – NAAD postgraduate course >>


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other useful info and material


Iuav Postgraduate Specialisation Programme and Course Regulations >>




Only applications that are complete in all required documentation will be accepted for evaluation.

To former Iuav students: in case you have problems with your Online Student Services access credentials, please follow the instructions on this page.