Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:


The Postgraduate Degree is the final exam of the Postgraduate Courses, which is necessary to certify the acquisition of the required 60 ECTS for the Postgraduate Course.

A special committee will evaluate the student’s preparation, disciplinary competence, and autonomous processing and research skills acquired during the course.


In order to acquire a Postgraduate Degree, students must attend at least 70% of the total hours lesson time and at least 70% of the total hours referring to the stage (unless indicated otherwise in their specific Postgraduate Course competition notice), which must be attested for in the class attendance register and in the internship daily timesheets. He also must have fulfilled any pending University fee obligations.


It is possible to apply for the final exam only after the date of this exam has been officially scheduled by the Postgraduate Course you are enrolled in, and before the deadline of the application.

Since Postgraduate Courses are one-year long, they are not repeatable: the graduation date is only one, set no later than the extraordinary session of the academic year of reference.


The acquisition of a Postgraduate Degree requires a thesis presentation: basic instructions and templates to help compile your thesis are available here (Italian version)




Students must submit their thesis only through PDF/A file form, with all the templates required and their parts filled, through the reserved area of Sportello Internet.

Any instructions on how to submit the thesis will be write to each student from Postgraduate Specialisation service (servizio Alta Formazione) through an official email.




They also must fill in the required Almalaurea Questionnaire and pay the graduation fee.

The Postgraduate Diploma will not be issued if these requirements are not fulfilled.

It is important to know that from the academic year 2017/2018, the graduation fee is of 32,00 euro, according to the introduction of the tax reduction called “No Tax area”.



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