Iuav has changed its bank of reference


Iuav has changed its bank of reference. From 1 January 2023 it is no longer possible to activate Iuav card at Banco San Marco BPM.


Cards issued but not activated can still be used as identification cards to access premises and services and for admission to exams.


Cards activated by 31 December 2022 remain active and can be replaced with the new card in the times and ways that will be communicated in the coming months.


Information on how to manage your already-activated Iuav card >>


Those who have not activated their Iuav card or have lost it and are waiting for scholarships, tax refunds, or other benefits from Iuav are invited to enter a personal Iban in their profile (identification code of a bank account in their name).


The path to change the Iban is:

SpIn> segreteria> anagrafica> dati anagrafici> modifica dati rimborso.


Those who have not yet received their Iuav card can:

- present themselves at the exams with an identity document and the self-certification of enrolment for 2022/2023 a.y., which is available via SpIn


- access library services (admission, consultation and lending) by presenting an identity document. A temporary card to use the self-service lending stations can be issued upon request.


The photo upload service is currently suspended.


On the issue of the new cards by the new bank of reference, updates will follow on this page and targeted e-mail communications.






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