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In accordance with the provisions of art. 1 c. 2 lett. b) and 3 of the current "Regulations for the Discipline of Comparative Procedures for the Grant of Individual Assignments of Cooperation of Independent Nature", and in accordance with the Iuav Accounting Manual approved by the Board of Directors on 21 February 2018, seminar attendance allowance can be conferred and liquidated for a maximum amount of €500.00. Expenses for food, travel and accommodation can be added to this amount, taking in consideration the University Regulations on missions and reimbursements. The total, annual maximum amount that can be conferred and liquidated to a single person is € 2,500.00 for speakers with tax residence in Italy, and € 3,000.00 for speakers with tax residence abroad (cost for the institution).


For the payment, the following documentation must be delivered to the Postgraduate Specialisation Office:

- conference call form (to be filled out by the head of the initiative);

- tax form (to be filled out completely), along with a front and back copy of a valid ID;

- abstract of the conference presentation;

- Inps (Italian National Security Welfare Institution) exemption, if the speaker does not have a VAT registration number.


Conference and seminar speakers are treated like Iuav teaching staff on travel assignments. General spending limits are listed here below:

- airplane: economy, with boarding pass;

- train: 1st class or equivalent:

- accommodation: 4 star category;

- meals: 1 meal € 40,00 - 2 meals € 80,00.

Travel assignment and transfer proof of expense must be delivered in original version (no copy), except the cases in which the speaker invoices his work.


Speakers with tax residence abroad who are issued seminar attendance allowance may declare to avail himself of the convention established between Italy and his country of residence in order to avoid double taxation.

The person concerned must enclose a certificate (translated in Italian or in english) issued by the tax authority of his country of residence, attesting to the resident's tax status in the same country.

The list of active bilateral agreements between Italy and individual countries is available on the website of the Department of Finance of the MEF (Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance) >>





autocertification (Italian version) >>

autocertification (English version) >>

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For more detailed information, contact the Postgraduate Specialisation Office