Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Ranking list, vacant places and pre-enrolment


ranking lists publication date: 21 March 2024 (1st round) and 11 April 2024 (2nd round, in case of vacant places available)


where: applicants can see their score and position in the ranking lists on the Online Desk (“Student services” > “Applications”).

The ranking lists are also published in the official university bulletin (albo ufficiale di ateneo).





From the moment of publication, applicants listed as “Admitted” in the ranking list must follow these steps from 21 March to 2 April (12 p.m.) 2024 on the Online Desk:


1. pre-enrolment

“Student services” > “Enrolment”


2. payment of the pre-enrolment fee

At the end of the pre-enrolment procedure, or from “Student services” > “Payments”

The pre-enrolment fee is a part of the 1st instalment of the yearly enrolment fee; the remaining part must be paid according to the deadlines on this page (you can also see the complete fee structure and scholarship opportunities >>)


3. upload enrolment form (the form is generated at the pre-enrolment’s conclusion, and must only be signed and dated)

“Student services” > “Enrolment” > “Manage attachments”


4. upload photo

“Home” > “Photo”


5. fill in the enrolment questionnaire


Please note: the pre-enrolment fee is refundable only in two cases:

if an applicant drops out by 30 July 2024 and formally applies for a reimbursement [ITA] by the same date

for non-EU applicants only, if their visa is denied by the diplomatic-consular mission



applications and ranking lists for vacant places


Following the first round of pre-enrolments, the following places remain available (as of 4 April):


> non-EU category: 11 places

> EU category: 4 places


Applicants who were initially listed as “Not admitted” in the 1st ranking list can apply for vacant places as follows:


when: from from 4 to 10 April (12:00 p.m) 2024


where: on the Online Desk, “Student services” > “Applications”, then click on the blue button


Important: applicants who do not apply for vacant places will not be considered for the 2nd ranking list.


Applicants admitted in the 2nd ranking must follow the above-mentioned steps (pre-enrolment, payment, uploading of pre-enrolment form and photo, questionnaire) from 11 to 16 April (12:00 p.m.) 2024.


In case of early dropouts, more places may become available after 16 April. Applicants in descending order on the rankings listed as “Not admitted” will receive an individual admission offer via email.



Universitaly pre-enrolment


Applicants needing an entry visa for Italy must submit an extra pre-enrolment on the Universitaly portal by 23 April 2024, “International students” > “Pre-enroll now”. The application on Universitaly is examined by Iuav and, upon validation, sent to the diplomatic mission in charge. This serves the same purpose as an admission letter – which is not formally released – for visa.





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