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Level II Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)

Level II Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)


a.y. 2022-2023


scientific head Dario Trabucco


venue Università Iuav di Venezia


course length annual


starts/ends March 2023 – March 2024


available seats min. 8 | max. 25


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 6.000,00 + stamp duty (virtual)



:: NEW! :: Updated deadline for presenting admission request:


admission application deadline 16 January 2023 – h 12:00 AM


official ranking publication deadline starting from 30 January 2023


matriculation deadline 9 February 2023 – h 12:00 AM


expected term start 10 March 2023





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The Postgraduate Specialization Programme aims to provide to the students the background knowledge on the technical disciplines involved in the design of a tall building (structural engineering, vertical transportation, MEP systems, façade technologies, etc…). Such skills that have to be mastered by the head of a complex project design team. Architects operating in large firms must learn and know how large and complex projects come together as a synthesis of multiple specialisms.


Accordingly, the Postgraduate Specialization Programme encourages the participants to develop their professional profile, making them suitable and ready to enter into the working environment, aware of the operational and procedural tools of a large design firm.


The course aims to forge a high-skilled professional figure able to understand the technical reasons that guide the work of the specialists involved in the design process, thus providing the tools and knowledge to interact with them and to make choices towards the value engineering of a complex building.


The high-rise building type is rarely addressed by the university design courses. When it happens, the attention focuses more on the study of the formal aspects than on the technical ones. However, the high-rise building type is today a Worldwide presence.

Young designers interested in working internationally lack from university studies in the understanding of the complex processes such projects require.

In a project as complex as a tall building, the technical aspects come into play from the very early stages of design, and their understanding and management becomes crucial when the various professionals are involved.


In addition to the theoretical lessons, students will come into close contact with professionals in the sector, establishing a direct comparison and concrete collaboration. The training will then be completed with study trips, site inspections, completed buildings, visits to companies and professional offices, both in Italy and abroad. The multidisciplinary approach of the proposed training reflects the complexity of the design of a building, thus allowing students to understand immediately how fundamental the role of the architect-designer is.


In order to deepen and control the learning of these skills, the student will be confronted from the beginning of the master with the development of a high-rise building project, the definition of which will progress during the entire year of the course also thanks to the contribution of numerous professionals and experts who will be involved through participatory reviews. The study will start from the urban scale of the skyscraper - aimed not only at creating public spaces and private areas, but also at characterizing the city skyline and the consequent iconic value - up to the detail scale, developing the architectural, plant and transport project vertical and so on, getting as close as possible to a definitive level of design.


All teaching activities will be in English.

The program is structured in thematic modules, offering the opportunity to follow individual modules for the in-depth study of some specific topics.


functional profiles and employment opportunities in the professional sector of reference

The Programme is primarily aimed at graduated students in architecture, construction and civil engineering, who intend to undertake a professional career in a large and international design office.

The Programme aims to train high-skilled designers able to face the operation of a large design company that deals with tall buildings and complex projects, thus providing the program participants with the skills to establish a proactive dialogue with the several professionals involved, understanding their disciplinary approaches and project objectives.

The focus on the high-rise building type must be intended as a representative example of other building types characterized by a high level of complexity (airports, hospitals, stations, shopping centers, stadiums, etc.), where the constructive, technological, and structural aspects strongly affect the design choices and the contractor management.




For educational aspects: Dario Trabucco / info@tallbuildingdesign.eu

For administrative information (admissions, fees, matriculation, etc.): contatti



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