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Stay permit


If you are a non-EU citizen and plan to study in Italy for a period exceeding 90 days, you need to request a stay permit (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 days of your arrival in Italy.


stay permit request


The procedure consists of the following steps:


STEP 1 – Pick up the application kit at Iuav reception in Campo della Lana or the post office and fill in the application form


Where to pick up the application kit

You can pick up the application kit (Kit Permesso di Soggiorno) at Iuav reception (Campo della Lana, 601). If no kits are available there, you can go to any post office (Poste Italiane) and ask for them. You will receive a white and yellow envelope that contains the application form. The closest post office to Iuav-Tolentini is on Fondamenta del Gaffaro, Dorsoduro 3510 Venice.


How to fill in the application form

Inside the envelope, you will find the application form.

Follow the instructions available at the following links to fill it in:

For the first application >>

For the renewal >>



STEP 2 – Deliver the application kit at the post office and pay the application fees


Go to any post office and ask to deliver your stay permit kit. You need to pay about 120 euros in application fees. The delivery is personal, and it is not possible to send someone else on your behalf.


Required documents

Document list >>


The documents you will receive

You will receive:

- the post office receipt (Accettazione Assicurata). It is valid as a temporary stay permit until you get the final stay permit card

- the appointment sheet with the date and time of your fingerprinting appointment at the police office (Questura).



STEP 3 – Fingerprinting appointment at the police office


The appointment is personal, and it is not possible to send someone else on your behalf. It is recommended to go in the early morning (about 8 am), as appointments usually follow the order of arrival. The office can be very crowded, so be prepared to be patient.

Once you arrive at the police office, you should show your appointment sheet to the officers in charge. They will give you a numbered ticket and call your number once it is your turn. They will proceed to check your documentation: if everything is fine, they will stamp your post office receipt and complete the procedure by taking your fingerprints.


Required documents

You need to bring:

- the documents received at the post office (post office receipt + appointment sheet)

- the original copies or integrations from the document list


The documents you will receive

You will not receive any new documents. Instead, they will stamp your post office receipt you got at the post office. It remains valid as a temporary stay permit until you receive the final stay permit card.



STEP 4 – Pick up the stay permit card at the police office


How to know when the stay permit card is ready

On the post office receipt, you can find two personal identification codes (user ID and password) for the website www.portaleimmigrazione.it and check the status of your stay permit application.

The stay permit card is ready when the status is “in consegna”. If you indicated an Italian mobile phone number in the application kit, you will receive a text message once your stay permit card is ready.


How to pick up the stay permit

The appointment is personal and it is not possible to send someone else on your behalf. You can go to the police office on the date specified on the website or in the text message. For urgent reasons only, you can go as soon as it is ready, from Monday to Friday, 12 > 1 pm.


Required documents

You need to bring:

- your valid passport

- your visa (only for first application)/expiring stay permit card (only for renewal)

- the post office receipt


The documents you will receive

You will receive your stay permit card. The card is valid for one-year maximum, starting from the application date (at the post office). Please consider that the duration is decided only by the police. If the documents you provide in the application (enrolment certificate, insurance, accommodation contract) are shorter than 1 year, the stay permit duration may be shorter than 1 year.



stay permit renewal


Within 60 days before the expiry of your stay permit, you need to apply for a 1-year renewal with the application package kit you can find at the post offices.


For the renewal to be granted, you are required to meet the same conditions as the the first stay permit issuing (financial conditions, ongoing enrolment, etc.)


Entry visas and stay permits can be renewed only if you have passed at least one exam in your first academic year and at least two in the following ones.


Please note that Iuav enrolment certificate with stamp and signature must be asked to Servizio Gestione Carriere.

Instructions for academic career certificates [ITA] >>



useful addresses and links


Post office (Poste Italiane)

Find the closest post office on Google Maps

It is highly recommended to choose bigger post offices since they are more likely to have application kits available: 

Ufficio Postale - Calle dello Spezier, 233/D, 30121 Venezia VE

Ufficio Postale - P.le Donatori di Sangue, 4, 30171 Mestre VE


Police office (Questura)

Questura di Venezia, Ufficio Immigrazione

Via Aurelio Nicolodi 21, 30175 Marghera

PEC Email: immig.quest.ve@pecps.poliziadistato.it

Complete stay permit application procedure [ITA] >>

Contacts [ITA] >>


Iuav international tutors

You can also contact Iuav international tutors to receive support with the application procedure.






student recruitment and orientation office

Campo della Lana 601

30135 Venezia