Inclusion services

Inclusion services


Universitā Iuav di Venezia provides support services and benefits to ensure the inclusion and active participation of students with disabilities or learning difficulties in university life.





> Aids for exams and lectures: extra time, technological aids, change in examination format, tutor reader and/or transcriber, formulary, conceptual maps


> Buddy service to be accompanied to lectures, academic activities, library and canteens


> Support for individual study and assistance with bureaucratic procedures


> Individual psychological support - SAP


> Dedicated space inside Tolentini central library with video enlarger



tuition fee waivers and scholarships


Students with disability percentages equal to or higher than 66% are exempted from tuition fees. In the case of disability between 50% and 65%, significant reductions in tuition fees are applied.


Students with disability percentages equal to or higher than 66% benefit from an extended duration of scholarship and custom merit requirements, as described in the call for applications.



accessibility and public transport


> Accessible routes to Iuav buildings

By clicking on the single venue, you can find a brief description of the building and a map with the related accessible route.


> Public transport routes and timetables in Venice



international mobility students


> Information for international mobility students with disabilities and/or learning disorders





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