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At Iuav, research investigates design cultures and disciplines that relate to architecture, urbanism, landscape, design, arts and fashion, and it combines both technical and humanistic expertise.

It therefore embraces a wide range of subjects and fields: architecture and archaeology, architecture and Earth's dynamic systems, urban policies, cities and sustainability, knowledge communication, knowledge and decision, the art of building, housing, landscape design, territorial governance, innovation and efficient construction, memory and arts storytelling, fashion and design, fashion design, North-South and degrowth processes, new frontiers in design, theatre production, infrastructures and mobility, performance, semiotics, communication and interaction, restoration, historical studies.


The research themes in the fields of architecture and the built environment, public policies for the city and the territory, landscape and sustainability, infrastructures and mobility are particularly relevant for the analysis and proposals relating to both historical and cultural heritage, and to phenomena of urban sprawl, soil consumption and landscape modification. The members of the department have been deeply dedicated to this field for a long time now in close cooperation with local authorities (both at regional and local level) and with sector bodies (State Railways, ANAS, reclamation consortiums, Superintendencies for Architectural Heritage, Observatories of Landscape), as well as with foundations and other cultural bodies and associations: the aim is certainly to strengthen and broaden these collaborations, even at an international level.


The research themes in the field of arts and fashion play a key role both within the manufacturing network linked to creativity and innovation both in a region that heavily relies on international excellence, and in the city of Venice, which hosts museums, national and international foundations dedicated to contemporary art, as well as the largest international event in the field of visual arts, cinema and architecture, the Biennale. The interdisciplinary scope of this event is unique and covers all the areas that the department and the university as a whole deal with.




Forms of research aggregation




Research infrastructure Integral Design Environment - IR.IDE


Projects financed through calls for proposals


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Forms of research aggregation


As of 2016-2017, Iuav has launched the establishment of university thematic clusters, characterised by a project focused on an outstanding issue of the contemporary debate, which is considered strategic for the university. Each clusterlab is supported by Iuav professors and researchers, as well as by professors coming from other universities and external stakeholders (public bodies, associations, NGOs, Italian and foreign enterprises).


Iuav clusterlabs are:

AFROLAB: Iuav AfricaLab

CULTLAND: Paesaggi culturali / Cultural Landscapes

EDA: Sperimentazione e progetto per il costruito e le aree sensibili e di crisi / Experimental Design Approach for buildings and sensitive and crisis areas

H-CITY: Housing in the city. Abitare e rigenerare / Housing in the city, living and regenerating

HEMODERN: Heritage, culture and modern design / Conservazione del patrimonio culturale moderno e contemporaneo

LSD: Immaginari pubblici, forme del displaying / Public imagery, display modes

MARGHERALAB: on Marghera

MATESCA: Materiali, tecniche edificatorie, strutture del costruito antico / Materials, building techniques, structures of ancient buildings

RE-LAB: Ri-ciclare, ri-generare, re-inventare il Nord Est / Re-cycling, re-generating, re-inventing North-Eastern Italy


The Regulation of the Department of Architecture and Arts, issued in July 2019, establishes three forms of research aggregation:


a) clusters: they carry out mainly applied, multi-year and multidisciplinary research activities, with an outward orientation and the active participation of one or more stakeholders;


b) research units and study centres: they carry out research activities with a primarily inward orientation;


c) observatories: they have a multidisciplinary character and their activity is focused on interpretation, analysis and monitoring.


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Iuav labs carry out activities in support of research and teaching, as well as experimental and consulting services for teaching, research and third parties.


Iuav labs are:

ARTEC: archivio delle tecniche e dei materiali / Archives on Techniques and Materials for Architecture and Industrial Design

CIRCE: laboratorio di cartografia e GIS / Cartography Lab / Geographic Information Lab

CICRCE: laboratorio di fotogrammetria / Photogrammetry Lab

FISTEC: laboratorio di fisica tecnica ambientale / Building Physics Lab

LABCOMAC: laboratorio per la conservazione dei materiali da costruzione / Lab for the conservation of building materials

Laboratorio fotografico / Photo Lab

LABSCO: laboratorio di scienza delle costruzioni / Construction Sciences Lab

LAMA: laboratorio di analisi materiali antichi / Lab for Analysing Materials of Antique Origin

LAR: laboratorio di supporto al progetto / Project Support Lab

MELA: Multimedia Lab


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Research infrastructure Integral Design Environment - IR.IDE


IR.IDE research infrastructure, started in 2018, is structured as a circular system, consisting of:

– two laboratories: one dedicated to integral design and one to representation (Pro Research in Integral Design Environment - PRIDE.IT, Vision Integral Design Environment - VIDE);

– a study centre on the production of economic value in the management and transformation of the territory (Value Activators in Urban Landscape and Territory - VAULT);

– a publishing centre dedicated to increasing knowledge through the documentation, publication and dissemination of research results (Publishing Actions and Research Development - PARD).


A system that operates between Heritage and innovation, by creating what is known as Made in Italy – in a broader sense – in order to address the specific feature of both design and production, which, taking its cue from the territory, eventually engages the human body.


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Projects financed through calls for proposals


Iuav participates, both as a project partner and as a lead partner, in national and European projects funded on call for proposals in the frame of programmes such as: Horizon 2020, LIFE 2014-2020, Interreg Italy-Croatia, Interreg Italy-Slovenia, Interreg Italy-Austria, Interreg Central Europe, Interreg MED, Interreg ADRION, Interreg Europe, Creative Europe, Europe for citizens, ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures, Call DG-MARE and DG-ECHO, Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020, Cassini fellowship, PRIN - Research Projects of National Relevance, National Technology clusters.







Number of financed projects






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As an instance, Iuav is currently involved in the following projects:


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions are part of the Excellent Science pillar of the Horizon 2020 programme and support projects for training and mobility of researchers.


find out more on “NEIGHBOURCHANGE. Social innovation and urban revitalization in hyperdiverse local societies”>>



The European Research Council grants support individual researchers of all ages and nationalities who wish to carry out a frontier research project on a topic they themselves propose. Cross-disciplinary proposals are encouraged, as well as pioneering ideas that address new and emerging sectors and applications that introduce unconventional and innovative approaches. The only ERC assessment criterion is scientific excellence.


find out more about OPENPAL Open Correspondence Publishing and Visualization Platform >>


find out more about INCOMMON In praise of community: shared creativity in arts and politics in Italy (1959-1979)


PRIN - Research Projects of National Relevance

The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research co-finances research projects of national interest (PRIN), through the publication of an open call for proposals, based on specific qualifying points: co-financing, group research work and the principle of evaluation of research projects. The PRIN programme favours proposals that integrate various skills and contributions from different universities.


Iuav participates to 6 PRIN projects funded by the 2015 call and 3 projects funded by the 2017 call.