Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Iuav at a glance


1926 the year Iuav was established



4312 students enrolled in a study programme:

2673 in bachelor’s degrees

1590 in master’s degrees

161 students enrolled in postgraduate specialisation courses

371 international students


92 PhD students (2021/2022 a.y.)

106 research fellows


380 outoing students in the frame of exchange programmes (2022/2023 a.y.)

31 countries Iuav has agreements with


548 professors, researchers, and teaching assistants

250 administrative staff members


study programmes

6 study areas

architecture, design, fashion, theatre, urban planning, visual arts


5 bachelor’s degrees

6 master’s degrees


17 postgraduate specialisation courses

5 advanced specialisation courses


1 PhD programme with 9 research areas


buildings and structures

11 university buildings in Venice historical centre

1 university campus in Vicenza

1 department of excellence

1 school of doctoral studies

1 specialisation school in architectural and landscape heritage

10 labs

12 research clusters

10 research units

5 study centres

16 spin offs

1 library

1 archivio progetti



last update: January 2024