Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Doctoral programme in architecture, city and design



Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion Studies

(three-year programme)



palazzo Badoer
San Polo 2468

30125 Venice



tel. +39 041 257 1731 / 1865 / 1886 / 1787




Angela Vettese



faculty body

Emanuele Arielli, Marco Bertozzi, Elisa Bizzotto, Maria Malvina Borgherini, Giovanni Careri, Monica Centanni, Massimiliano Ciammaichella, Mario Farina, Maria Luisa Frisa, Paolo Garbolino, Carmelo Marabello, Stefano Mazzanti, Angela Mengoni, Gabriele Monti, Annalisa Sacchi, Stefano Tomassini, Alessandra Vaccari, Angela Vettese, Francesco Zucconi



Renato Bocchi


phd students

Marzia Avallone, Guido Balzani, Roberta Bernasconi, Dylan Colussi, Giulia Crisci, Roberta Da Soller, Edoardo Ferrari, Alberto Groja, Martina Alia Mascia, Teresa Masini, Clizia Moradei, Roberto Paolo Ormanni, Laura Pante, Alessia Prati, Valentina Rizzi, Alessandro Tollari, Alessandra Varisco, Giulia Zanon, Maria Paola Zedda





The PhD research track in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion Studies lays the foundations to build and develop shared theoretical, creative, and applied methodologies of research. The program offers transdisciplinary critical approaches and paradigms in order to explore certain research topics in a wider cultural context. The main objective of the PhD program is the training of scholars and professionals who specialise in both academic research and in the areas of cultural production, curating, artistic practices, and communication and management of the arts. The program includes scholarly teaching and research in visual arts, as well as in media and visual cultures, from theoretical perspectives based on historical, iconographic, or philological approaches, though not exclusively so. It encompasses both the aesthetics and politics of performance, with a focus on topics and areas situated at the crossroads among visual arts, contemporary theatre, and body studies. It involves research on fashion in relation to modernity, contemporaneity, and the construction of imaginaries and seen as both an industry and a multidisciplinary artform and cultural practice. The theoretical frame of reference of the PhD track in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion Studies relies on the exploration of the articulations, devices, and cultural meanings intrinsic to field-specific cultural and artistic objects of study and research.