Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Instructions for beneficiaries


Beneficiaries need to provide the International Mobility Office with the letter of intent (LOI), duly signed by the host institution, according to the deadlines of each registration window. More information about deadlines for 2022/23 a.y. is available here.

Students who will not send the LOI by the set deadline will automatically loose the “beneficiary” status on the shortlist.


The necessary forms for E+ Traineeship programme are the following:


> letter of intent (LOI)

> learning agreement for traineeship (LAT) – Before the Mobility  

> confirmation of arrival

> LAT – During the Mobility (optional)

> LAT – After the Mobility  

> attendance register


For 2022/23 a.y. traineeship can be carried out in the following typologies:

> physical mobility: when the trainee stays in the country where the host institution is located for the whole duration of the traineeship;

> blended mobility: when the trainee carries out the internship both physically and remotely (from Italy or from the Country of residence); in this case the physical period must last at least 60 days (2 months)

Virtual mobilities from the country in which the trainee resides are not supported by the E+ grant.


before the mobility


Traineeship programme and dates should be agreed with both the host institution and Iuav International Mobility Office. The traineeship should last at least 2 months (60 days) and it is carried out in a full time modality. The host institution is the same for the whole duration of the traineeship.


>letter of intent (LOI)

The LOI certifies the acceptation of the trainee in the host institution. Before the beginning of the traineeship, the trainee provides Iuav International Mobility Office with the document, completed and duly signed by the Host Institution.


>learning agreement for traineeship (LAT)– before the mobility  

In the LAT – Before the Mobility all details of the mobility (activities; modality; dates; etc…) are defined by the three parties involved: the trainee; the host institution and Iuav. The form is generally completed up to 15 days before the beginning of the mobility. Beneficiaries reiceive information via e-mail about the completion of the LAT.


> grant agreement – GA

The GA defines the condition under which the trainee receives the E+ grant. The GA is signed by Iuav and by the trainee a few days before the beginning of the mobility. Trainees receive the instructions on how to complete the GA, once the LAT Before - procedure is finished.


> confirmation of arrival

The confirmation of arrival certifies the beginning as well as the modality in which the traineeship takes place. The trainee should have it signed by the host tutor the very first day of the traineeship and send it to Iuav International Mobility Office by the first 7 days of the traineeship.


> erasmus+ grant

Beneficiaries receive the E+ grant in one instalment up to 30 days after the beginning of the traineeship, provided that all forms necessary before the mobility have been correctly fulfilled (LOI; LAT – Before the Mobility; GA; Confirmation of Arrival).

In order to receive the grant, beneficiaries should indicate in the SpIn (section anagrafica) the details of the bank account, in which the scholarship should be paid. At this regard, it is advisable to activate the bank account related to the Iuav Student Card (Banco Popolare Group). For more information click here [ITA].


Beneficiaries might receive additional funds for their mobility. More information is available here.


during the mobility


> LAT – during the mobility (optional)

In the LAT – During the Mobility all changes occurring during the traineeship are indicated (e.g. change in contact person; extension of stay; etc…).

Extension of stay should be required up to 30 days before the planned end date of the internship.


after the mobility


>LAT – after the mobility

The LAT-After the mobility certifies that the traineeship occurred regularly (activities; dates; traineeship evaluation). The document is signed by the tutor at the host institution. The trainee should provide Iuav International Mobility Office with the document up to 10 days after the end date of the mobility.


>attendance register

In the attendance register the daily schedule of the traineeship is recorded. The document is signed by the tutor at the Host Institution and the trainee. The trainee should provide Iuav International Mobility Office with the document up to 10 days after the end date of the mobility.


> EU Survey

At the end of the traineeship, trainees should complete an evaluation questionnaire, aimed at collecting their feedback of the mobility experience. Participants receive the questionnaire via mail, after finishing the traineeship.


re-allocation of scholarships


If there will be E+ extra funds, the grants will be awarded to the remaining candidates of the shortlists and – if possible – to new suitable candidates, according to the deadlines set on the application call.


More information about potential scholarship re-allocation will be published in this webpage.




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