MIT designX Venice

MIT designX Venice


The Promotion and Orientation service offers the possibility to Iuav students and not, to participate in a path of approach to self-entrepreneurship.

The MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SerenDPT Sbrl organise a two-stage course dedicated to the orientation to self-employment and the realisation of business ideas.


The programme will focus on innovative solutions in: protection and enhancement of the artistic and architectural heritage; tourism of the future, hospitality, mobility and sustainability; water, energy and environment; tools and services for the city and citizens.


The entire project will be held on-site in a laboratory form, through the World Café technique with meetings to generate and refine innovative ideas, create synergies and form interdisciplinary teams, the development of project proposals, the presentation, the daily discussion for the revision of the same. The didactic offer will be interdisciplinary with international teachers. Mentors and experts in business, law and fundraising will be involved.


The entire programme will be held in English and participation is totally free.


MIT designX – the Venture Accelerator of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning – will operate a new venture accelerator to support local entrepreneurs and help launch new firms and organisations dedicated to solving problems experienced in Venice as well as other coastal and historical cities, and places experiencing a major loss in full-time population.


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the path


MIT designX Venice is structured in two phases:


1. Ideathon and Open Day - through the World Cafč technique, the meetings will be held to generate and refine innovative ideas, create synergies between people, and build interdisciplinary teams in view of the selection phase. The first two meetings will be aimed at creating synergies and building teams. The third meeting will showcase presentation techniques through the analysis of success stories, the best practices, and opportunities emerging from start-ups based in Europe.


Period and duration of Ideathon – Open Day:

three appointments in presence at Fabbrica H3 - Giudecca, lasting 7 hours the first two and 10 hours the third, on the following days: 13, 27 May and 22 June 2022.


Participants can choose to complete their experience at the end of this first phase or to continue the team journey to start their own business idea.


2. MIT designX Venice - path of acceleration of ideas

The second part of the course will be accessed by a maximum of 10 teams, constituted/consolidated during the Ideathon training period and Open Day, and selected by a special commission formed by the teachers of MIT.


The teams will be accompanied to give structure to their business ideas, they will have access to a budget for the costs of setting up the company, they will be able to use the co-working spaces of SerenDPT, as well as participate in the bootcamp and workshops held by MIT teachers.


Period and duration:

thirteen appointments in presence of about seven hours each, between mid-September and the end of November, on the following days:

Bootcamp 8-11 September

Worshops 22, 23 September, 13, 14, 27, 28 October, 10, 11 November

Pitch day 28 November (TBC)



to whom it is addressed


The MIT designX Venice course is aimed at a mixed audience (students and former students, teachers, researchers and research fellows, Iuav technical-administrative staff and Iuav collaborators).


The programme will be entirely delivered in English. Non-native English speakers are therefore required to have at least B2/C1 language skills.



how to participate


To participate in the first phase of ideathon and open day, please register for individual events through the following links:


>> IDEATHON I 13 May 2022, h. 14 > 21


>> IDEATHON II 27 May 2022, h. 14 > 21


>> Open Day 22 June 2022, h. 10 > 20


Participation is individual. Each member of the group shall submit a separate application.


To access the second phase of the MIT designX Venice path applicants are required to:

> have completed at least 80% of the Ideathon approach route and Open Day

> possess a design idea and be part of a team of at least two members (including the proposer) of which at least one member is a student and former student, teacher, researcher and research fellow, Iuav technical-administrative staff, Iuav collaborators

> pass the selection of the MIT Teachers' Committee.


In order to access the second phase, it will be necessary to apply from 28 May to 8 July through a specific online procedure that will be communicated to the participants of the Ideathon and Open Day.



recognition of credits and open badge


All students who have taken part in at least 80% of the lessons of the first phase, the Ideathon and Open Day, will be awarded 3 D-type credits. An extra credit may be granted to students who at the end of the approach phase, Ideathon – Open Day, will present a project and participate in the selection for the second phase.


An open badge in recognition of the skills acquired will also be issued at the end of the experience.





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