Intense Workshops - MIT designX Venice Accelerator

Intense Workshops - MIT designX Venice Accelerator


The Promotion and Orientation service offers the possibility to Iuav students to participate in a series of intense workshops led by the MIT DesignX and SerenDPT Sbrl with the support of regional professional and designers.

Participants will be immersed in the development process of the startups, they will have the chance to supports the team to develop their business ideas.


The course supports entrepreneurs in their journey from stewards of an idea to founders of a business. Students will work with startups as they research and create a viable business model for their ventures.


The program is structured on startup business fundamentals, yet rooted in principles of design education; participants will conduct research into the core problems the ventures aim to solve, generate new solutions, build prototypes (physical and digital), and pitch ideas to investors and partners.


The series of workshops provides participants with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship. In addition to business models and market research, we will also learn about the legal, structural, organizational and ethnical elements of venture building. All participants will be involved in decision-making, deliberations and research for exciting new startups.


The programme includes in five events, starting in September until November, totally held in English.



the path


Intense Workshops - MIT designX Venice Accelerator is structured in five events:


1. Bootcamp (Workshop 1 - Understand)

It will guide the development of a venture over the following three months. You will start by discussing the outline of the programme, the methodology you use, and the processes employed to successfully launch a venture or organisation. It will be an intensive analysis of the problem the teams are engaging in. What is the core of the problem? Whose problem are you solving? Who else needs to be involved?

ā Introduction, Needs Analysis, Market research, Stakeholder Map, Calibration


Period of Bootcamp (Workshop 1):

8 – 11 September


2. Workshop 2 - Solve

Participants will create a clear and simple expression of what their venture intends to do. Test, learn and build solutions.

ā Solve, Problem-Solution Fit, Value proposition, User journey, Prototyping Solution Specs


Period of Workshop 2:

22 – 23 September


3. Workshop 3 - Envision

Participants will understand the importance of a vision statement, how to operate and generate revenue, and legal information to help you establish a new venture/business. Develop a business model and team to make the solution happen.

ā Envision, Vision Design, Business Modelling, Org Design/Team Dynamics, Legal Structures/IP


Period of Workshop 3:

13 – 14 October


4. Workshop 4 - Deploy  

Make a plan and apply the financial elements required to deploy and scale your solution.

ā Deploy, Action Plan, Financial Strategy, Pitch preparation


Period of Workshop 4:

10 – 11 November



5. Final Pitch  


end November


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to whom it is addressed


The Intense Workshops - MIT designX Venice Accelerator is aimed at a mixed audience (students from bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and for a maximum of 20 participants.


The programme will be entirely delivered in English. Non-native English speakers are therefore required to have at least B2/C1 language skills.



how to participate


Please register for the events through the following LINK.


Besides your personal data, you will have to provide such as a motivational letter.


Participation is individual.



recognition of credits and open badge


All students who have taken part in at least 80% of the workshops will be awarded 4 D-type credits.


An open badge in recognition of the skills acquired will also be issued at the end of the experience.





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