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Interior / Design: Expanding the field


conference series


curated by Emanuela Bonini Lessing, Alessandra Bosco, Fiorella Bulegato, Lucilla Calogero, Maddalena Dalla Mura


November 2022 > June 2023


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The Interior/Design conference series aims at mapping and analysing the tensions and potentialities that characterise of interior design, a field that today is increasingly practised, theorised and discussed as a productive territory of relations and meanings.

Following the first cycle organised in 2021/2022, in 2022/2023 the series continues with the subtitle "Expanding the field". International experts, designers, historians, critics and theorists will contribute to broadening the discourse on interior design, by investigating such themes and issues as the position of interior design among the design disciplines, the education of interior design, the value of public "interiority", interiors and nature.


The conferences are held in English via Teams / Iuav Design Talks: code appg28a





Graeme Brooker, Royal College of Art, London

Working with the Not New

19 May 2023

2 pm CEST

Cotonificio / aula L2


In this talk, Graeme Brooker, Head of the Programme of the Interior Design MA at the Royal College of Art, will discuss what he considers to be the central and distinctive themes of contemporary interior design practice and reflect on topics such as reuse, superuse, heritage, and sensibility.




Jean Whitehead,  Senior Lecturer of Interior Design - Falmouth University, UK

Creating Interior Atmosphere - Mise-en-scene and Interior Design

16 May 2023

2 pm CEST


In her lecture, Jean Whitehead, Senior Lecturer of Interior Design at Falmouth University, UK, examines and explores the parallels between cinematic and theatrical manifestations of the interior to the practice of interior design. Her research uses the concept of ‘mise-en-scčne’ and the notion of 'staged space' as key to understanding the role of the interior designer. 'Mise-en-scčne’ becomes a technique for creating immersive interior atmospheres as constructed settings that have both a physical and psychological impact on the user experience. 




Andrea Sosa Fontaine, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Wearing Interior Space

9 May 2023

3 pm CEST


In her lecture, Andrea Sosa Fontaine, a professional interior designer and Assistant Professor at the Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, will propose to rethink interior design through the lenses of fashion design and clothing, as a way to enhance a more equitable approach to the design of interiors that respond and fit to the diverse and evolving characteristics of individual bodies. Drawing on her own research project, “Spatial Patterning”, Sosa Fontaine will discuss the centrality of bodies and identities in the design of space as key to the conceptual and practical expansion of the interior design discipline.




Eva Storgaard, University of Antwerp

Towards Responsive Interiors: Neuroscience-Informed Approaches to Interior Design

14 April 2023

3 pm CEST


Eva Storgaard, a researcher and lecturer in interior architecture at the University of Antwerp, will argue that evidence-based insights from disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience are key for the future expansion of interior design. Drawing particularly on recent developments in neuroscience, Storgaard will discuss the insight they offer into the complex relationship between people and the spatial environment and will illustrate the pedagogical method she has helped develop in her school and some results of her students' work.




Richard Buchanan, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland

Surroundings and Environments in Fourth Order Design

29 November 2022

2 pm CET


Richard Buchanan, Professor of Design, Management, & Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, will reflect on the theoretical dimension of interior design and on the latter’s centrality among the design disciplines of the 21st century. In particular, the lecture will discuss the design's shift in focus from questions of place and space to questions of action and of 'interiors of the mind', which increasingly require a humanistic vision of design.




Liz Teston, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Public Interiority

9 November 2022

3 pm CET


Associate Professor at the School of Interior Architecture, University of Tennessee, Liz Teston will discuss her research on "Public Interiority" as a perceived and phenomenological – rather than spatial – condition. In particular, the lecture will focus on case studies and on the qualities of interiors in the public and urban environment.




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