master degree

fashion and visual arts

course leader



course leader

Paolo Garbolino





admission: limited

> visual arts track: 48 places

41 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

7 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad

> fashion design track: 48 places

43 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

5 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad


ministerial degree code

LM-65 Scienze dello spettacolo e produzione multimediale



visual arts track >>

visual arts track >>


fashion track >>


The master’s degree in fashion and visual arts responds to the growing demand for professionals with a high cultural and artistic profile who can work at the European level to direct the creative and production processes behind events in the field of visual arts and fashion.


The production and design of events include artefacts, performances, clothing and fashion events, as well as curatorial practices in galleries and museums, critique and history of artistic phenomena, specialised publishing, cultural consultancy, artistic direction of festivals, cultural institutions and coordination of creative processes in the fashion sector.


The study programme is structured in experimental workshops, theoretical-critical courses and seminars designed to provide adequate and continuously updated tools in the fields of historical, critical and methodological expertise in the artistic disciplines, philosophies of the arts and social sciences.

During the workshops, students can develop both individual and group projects. The thematic areas may also be defined on the basis of specific collaborations with companies, public and private institutions, foundations, and museums.

Workshops and seminars are conducted partly in English.


The continuous intertwining of theoretical knowledge and practical skills makes the study programme unique in Italy. It is open both to students wishing to focus on the artistic practices of fashion and visual discourse and to those wishing to engage in historical-critical and curatorial practices in the same areas.


The master’s degree in fashion and visual arts includes two tracks - one in fashion and the other in visual arts – whose courses are divided into thematic blocks of theoretical modules and workshops.