bachelor degrees 2019-20

industrial design and multimedia

course leader



course leader

Fiorella Bulegato





admission: limited

> interior design track: 60 places

55 places for EU and EU-equated candidates

5 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad

> product e visual design: 120 places

115 places for EU and EU-equated candidates

5 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad


ministerial degree code

L-4 Disegno industriale



interior design track >>

interior design track >>


product and visual design track >>


studying design in Venice

Designers are professionals able to design and develop products, services, graphic systems, environments, and tools, by working across different disciplines and dealing with all the activities that contribute to the design process.


The three-year course offers the opportunity to experience both areas traditionally linked to design, such as product or publishing, and emerging contemporary themes, such as individual and social well-being, environmental sustainability, energy, and the challenges of digitalisation.


Responding comprehensively to the needs of the economic and production sector, the articulated study programme includes, in addition to design workshops led by experienced professionals, courses in history, theory, criticism, computer science, and economics and also provides for various educational activities such as workshops, seminars, cultural initiatives and internships.

Fully equipped computer, photography, video, modelling and prototyping labs are available to students.



Graduates can work in companies, design studios, creative industries, specialised publishing, and manufacturing companies in the fashion and arts sectors, in public or private institutions: e.g. museums, galleries, video and multimedia production centres, documentation centres and archives.