Documents required for admission to bachelor’s degrees

Documents required for admission to bachelor’s degrees


This section provides information on the schooling years and documents required to apply and enrol for Iuav bachelor’s degrees.


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schooling years


To access a bachelor’s degree programme, a qualification awarded after at least 12 years of schooling is necessary.


In case of qualifications obtained after less than 12 years of schooling, the missing year(s) can be compensated with:


— a transcript of records certifying the successful completion of the exams planned for the first year (and second, in case of 10 years of schooling) of an academic programme


— an official Italian or international qualification of post-secondary studies obtained in a non-academic higher institution in a subject related to the degree programme chosen, with a duration of one or two years depending on the number of missing schooling years


foundation course/foundation year certification of other Italian universities, compensating for the missing schooling years



required documents


Required documents for application

These documents must be uploaded when applying:

a) copy of secondary school diploma or enrolment certificate in the original language

b) certificate of having successfully passed an entry test for higher education in the applicant’s home country, if applicable

c) certificate of school subjects/transcript

d) Italian or English translations of the documents listed above if they are not already in one of these languages


Required documents for enrolment

Enrolments are completed remotely by the admission office once all digital copies of the following documents have been provided:

a) all documents required for application (including final diploma, if not provided when applying)

b) Italian tax code (codice fiscale)

c) for applicants requiring an entry visa:

entry for study purposes (Immatricolazione Universitā)

stay permit or stay permit application receipt


Please note:

— in addition to checking the documents listed above, the admission office will verify if all admitted applicants are required to provide additional documents (declaration of value [ITA], CIMEA Statements of Comparability and Verification, legalization or Apostille etc.)

— in case it is not possible to verify digital documents, applicants may be required to enrol in person by bringing the original paper documents (or certified copies); all applicants are therefore recommended to bring all the documents related to their qualification when travelling to Italy.