Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

AA Visiting School Terrain Lab


end summer international workshop


in collaboration with Architectural Association London


7 > 12 September 2023



programme head:

Elena Longhin




international relations promoter at Iuav:

Angelo Maggi



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registration deadline: 20 August 2023





Terrain Lab #Trajectory 03 international workshop in collaboration with Architectural Association London will explore the transitional landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea from the advantageous location of the island of the Aegadian Archipelago, Sicily, Italy. Starting from the unique human-sea-shaped landscape of the island of Favignana, the VS will provide a space for co-learning, interdisciplinary collaborations, and comparative studies to generate cross-cultural conversations around the maritime space of the Med as a space of transition where economic, political, racial, and ecological dynamics intertwine. After a few days, the VS International Workshop will travel to the islands of Venice, where, from the Venetian lagoon - a delicate land-water balance ecosystem since its inception-, we will bring together environmental humanities scholars, historians, scientists, geologists, artists, architects, designers, curators and writers, to discuss around strategies of care for water ecologies. With the aim to foster an improved understanding of collective agency operating at the intersection of anthroposphere, biosphere, and geosphere, the VS seeks a pedagogy that understands design as a means to research, disclose, represent and question the various processes involving territories in the transition. The VS International Workshop will make use of a working methodology that bridges architectural studies, landscape urbanism approach with urban political ecology, and environmental and cultural studies, developing through the contribution of renewed lectures, experts and researchers on the topics of environmental preservation, mass tourism, heritage and climate change. The course will be held at the UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia.



prominent features of the workshop/ skills developed


> Learn a methodology which has the capacity to bridge architectural studies, landscape urbanism approach with urban political ecology, and environmental and cultural studies.


> Develop the theoretical, methodological and representational means to address the social, ecological and geopolitical complexities that characterize the current condition of planetary urbanization.


> Engage with the concepts of operational landscapes and the notion of the Capitalocene.


> Learn to combine geospatial knowledge and tools with design methodologies and representational means.


> Learn how to use GIS software, source data collection and develop cartographic representations to describe systems and patterns organizing the territory.


> Understanding urbanization as a no-fixed-scale phenomenon whose entanglements with nature exceed the boundaries of inhabited spaces and cities.


> Participate in the long-term construction of a dedicated exhibition and publication. This is an important opportunity for Iuav University students who are interested in participating to an Architectural Association Event in Italy. While the week in Venice the Workshop will be held at Iuav only on 7-8 September and 11-12 September and the 4 ECTS (typology D) credits will be given for this Venetian part in presence.



target students


Aimed at students of the following courses of study:

– corso di laurea magistrale in Architettura

– MA Architecture

– corso di laurea magistrale in Urbanistica e Pianificazione del territorio

– MS in Urban Planning for Transition



university credits


4 cfu type D.