master degree

theatre and performing arts

(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)

(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)



Course Leader

Annalisa Sacchi



Department of Architecture and Arts


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana



tel +39 041 257 1858 – 1422 – 1788




The Graduate Degree Programme in Theatre and Performing Arts offers a study plan that is one of its kind in Italy, where theoretical courses are connected to workshops and seminars held by international artists and professionals.


The programme fills a gap between art system and contemporary theatre competencies, in tune with today’s languages and practices. It is characterised by the presence of:

> an important core of theoretical, historical, and methodological lessons held by professors and scholars that are engaged in contemporary interdisciplinary research and experimentation (theatre, dance, sound, set design, cinema, digital languages);

> a great offer of laboratorial lessons held by artists and professionals that are most representative of today’s contemporary theatrical trends.


During the two-year study course, students will become part of the community of students, artists, visionaries, and professionals that take part in the programme.

They will therefore be trained to become protagonists in the development and renewal of the artistic practice and scenic thinking of the future.


The Graduate Degree Programme in Theatre and Performing Arts answers to a lack of graduate programmes aimed at the development of skills that can be spent in the various fields of performing arts at a regional and national level.


Professional profile

The multidisciplinary structure of the programme offers a new preparation and approach to activities:

> related to artistic, design, and technical practices; in order to become: directors, set designers, performance artists, playwrights, choreographers;

> related to theatre management and communication; in order to work as: curators, artistic and organisational directors, experts in art and live performance promotion, documentation, and communication.