master degree

product and visual communication arts

(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)

(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)



Course Leader

Barbara Pasa

Class Degree

LM-12 Design



Department of Architecture and Arts


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana



tel +39 041 257 1858 – 1422 – 1788



Communication Design track >>


Communication Design track  >>


Product Design track  >>



The Graduate Degree programme in Product and Visual Communication Design offers two distinct tracks: one in Product Design, and one in Communication Design. Both tracks have shared educational objectives, such as improving the “professionalising” knowledge of students — providing them with the necessary tools to follow a product/communication design project in all its phases —, and providing students with the necessary theoretical, critical, and historical tools to develop the idea of designer as “intellectual technician” that so positively defines Italian design. The programme aims at defining a designer that is ready to experiment in the emerging contemporary fields that define today’s international research, such as Energy, Environment, and Individual and Social Health. The formed designer will also be an innovative asset to companies, well aware of today’s social issues and able to speak to the heart and minds of people — with the help of the most advanced technical resources. The designer is responsible for the “formation” and “information” of the public in order to find opportunities to become a visual and multimedia communication designer, but also manager in communication, art direction or director of user experience.


Professional profile

Graduates may choose to work as freelancers, independently, or as an employee within complex organisations and design studios. They may also find a job within highly innovative manufacturing and service companies, study and research centres; in local or central government offices; in specialised publishing houses, documentation and archive centres; and in institutions dedicated to the production of cultural events. There are various career profiles that the graduate programme comes to form:

– designer of complex and innovative products, as well as designer of services and relative communication products and artefacts;

– consultant and product manager operating in product planning and design for companies and institutions (hospitals, health units, museums etc.);

– communication designer with various qualifications, such as information designer, graphic editor, and interaction designer;

– “design director” able to solve complex problems, plan communication campaigns, develop and coordinate broad projects, and conceive a sequence of communication