master degree

fashion and visual arts

Course Leader


Course Leader

Angela Vettese


Class degree

LM-65 Scienze dello spettacolo
e produzione multimediale



Department of Architecture and Arts


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana



tel +39 041 257 1858 – 1422 – 1788



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The Graduate Degree Programme in Fashion and Visual Arts answers to the growing demand for high-profile cultural and artistic profiles, able to interact with similar European profiles in the direction of creative and productive processes that determine the ideation events in the field of visual arts and fashion. The production and design of such events are not limited to the creation and production of artefacts, performances, clothing, and fashion events. They also include: curatorial activities in galleries and museums, activity as art critics and art historians, specialised publishing, cultural consultancy, artistic direction of festivals and cultural institutions, and the coordination of creative processes in the world of fashion.


The study plan is articulated in experimental workshops along with theoretical and critical courses designed to provide students with appropriate and advanced tools in the historical, critical, and methodological approach to artistic disciplines, philosophies, and social sciences.


Workshops will give students the opportunity to develop their designs both individually and in group projects. Thematic areas can be determined with the activation of specific collaborations with public and private companies, institutions, foundations, and museums. Part of the programme, as far as workshop and seminar activities are concerned, is held in English language.


The graduate degree programme brings together theory and practice, making it a quite unique product in the Italian landscape of Second Level Graduate Degree Programmes. It is aimed at those who intend to develop the artistic practices in fashion and visual arts, but also at those who intend to develop historical, critical, and curatorial practices in the same field.


The programme offers two different tracks, Fashion and Visual Arts, where courses are articulated in thematic blocks of monodisciplinary lessons and workshop/laboratory ones.