master degree


(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)

(please note that this master programme is taught in Italian)



Course Leader

Armando Dal Fabbro

Class Degree

LM-4 Architettura e ingegneria edile – Architettura



Department of Architecture and Arts


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana



tel +39 041 257 1858 – 1422 – 1788



study architecture in Venice


study architecture in Venice

Architecture in Venice is the project school.

Venice is the theater in which to develop a unique study experience, taking inexhaustible cues for one's future work.

A long tradition links Venice to its School of Architecture.

A tradition of masters who, from Carlo Scarpa to Aldo Rossi, taught you and recognized in this city the power to transmit the aspiration to beauty.

Architecture in Venice is a school that interprets the needs of a profoundly evolving world of profession: the idea that it transmits at every level is that designing means being able to read places, know their history, coordinate different disciplinary skills.


the master degree course in architecture

The master degree program in Architecture offers three thematic paths: Conservation, Sustainability and Interiors. The student can choose to organize around one of them the entire training path, or, alternatively, adopt a free study plan, combining the three paths based on their own interests, curiosity and attitudes.

The three prevailing thematic areas, as well as the paths on a free floor, give the opportunity to explore crucial issues for architecture, the city and the territory, contemporary projects of high specialization, which concern the entire human landscape, built and spontaneous.

The issues addressed range from the territory, to the innovation of materials, from the management of sensitive areas (historical and modern) to the resilient design and to the strategic themes of reconstruction, up to the interior design. This last path, from the cell of the house to the public space, is proposed this year for the first time since the master's degree in Architecture.


after graduation

The master's degree in Architecture opens to all the activities related to the free profession of architect recognized in Europe. The degree course allows the natural placement in the building and construction sectors, also developing useful skills at the major intervention scales.

The degree guarantees a more focused and extensive preparation in line with the new sensibility of the times in progress, which see the architect working within complex and multi-scale scenarios, with particular attention to current national issues. The degree in Architecture of the Universitā Iuav di Venezia offers in particular a professional training aimed at the skills and technical responsibilities required in Europe, today particularly linked to the respect for the territory and the reuse / regeneration of existing real estate.