bachelor degrees 2019-20

industrial design and multimedia

(please note that this bachelor programme is taught in Italian)

(please note that this bachelor programme is taught in Italian)



Course Leader

Alberto Bassi


Class degree

L-4 Disegno industriale



Department of Architecture and Arts


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana



tel +39 041 257 1858 – 1422 - 1788



Interior Design track >>


Interior Design track  >>


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The Undergraduate Degree Programme in Industrial Design and Multimedia offers courses and activities related to product and communication design. This study plan equips students with the necessary skills required to independently tackle the creative and design processes.

The curriculum includes different types of educational activities, combining design studios with theoretical lectures, workshops, seminars, internships, and cultural initiatives.

The workshops provide experience in the field of product design, graphic design, communication design, and in media and interior design. These applied design studios are held by some of the most qualified professionals at national and international levels. Students have access to fully-equipped IT, photography, pattern-making, and prototyping labs.

The internship within a production and service company, in Italy or abroad, also greatly contributes to the students’ personal development in design.

The Undergraduate Degree Programme in Industrial Design and Multimedia finally ends with the presentation of a thesis in design. Once in possession of a critical education, as well as advanced theoretical and practical skills, graduates will be qualified to begin professional activities or pursue further studies with a graduate degree programme.


Professional profile

For graduates who decide to start off professionally right away, this degree programme opens a broad range of career opportunities within companies, professional studios, agencies, cultural institutions, museums, and editorial offices. A graduate in Industrial Design and Multimedia will have gained the practical skills required to:

– hold a variety of roles within a company (technical offices, design assistant, R&D manager, etc.), with the chance of acting as an interlocutor between designers (internal or external), management, production, and suppliers;

– develop the design and industrialisation of new products;

– develop the design of both printed or digital communication devices and artefacts;

– be invested in research aimed at product development and the development of draft technical reports;

– create video presentations, paper reports, and physical models;

– collaborate on the conception and production of cultural activities in the field of design for institutions, public or private bodies, and editorial and journalistic offices.