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China by design


lecture series


6 March > 8 May 2023

Terese, aula A

h 14


Xiahong Hua College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


organized by Dipartimento di Culture del progetto


as part of the corso di laurea magistrale in Architettura, corso di laurea magistrale MA in Architecture, corso di laurea magistrale in Urbanistica e pianificazione del territorio


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a selective seminar in 2023 Spring semester for Iuav by prof. Xiahong Hua a visiting professor from College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


Monday afternoon 3 hours 4 credits for master students in Architecture and urbanism, totally 6 weeks

March 6 -May 8, Class in March 6, 13, 27 April 17, 24 May 8, in Terese (classroom A)

Feb 27 introduction May 15 probably final presentation and marking


Through lectures on diverse cases, reading reviews and research projects, the seminar course aims at illustrating the historical evolution of Chinese Architecture from the beginning of 20th century to the present, showcasing how China was designed physically and ideologically through various practices under different historical context. Although using cases in Chinese urbanization context, this course aims at examining both the transnational cultural exchange in different historical periods and the theoretical reflection on architecture as a social and cultural product. The integration between physical construction and institutional engagement, is relevant for architectural research not only in China, but also in a broad context and may constitute a contrast with the mainstream thinking on design with genius authorship. The seminar will include totally 6 weeks’ program (with 1 week flexibility to include the introduction and presentation). Each time 3 hours, combining lecture, reading review and class discussion, or presentation and discussion, related readings for the same historical periods which will be provided in advance. The students are encouraged to pick an international architects’ work (especially Italian designers) in China in contemporary period to do group case study and comparative analysis.





Lecture series conducted by our visiting professor DD programme with Tongji University:


6 March 2023, h 14

CASE 1 The Tallest Building in the Far East: A Hungarian Architect’s legacy in Shanghai (1918-1947)


13 March 2023, h 14

CASE 2 Educational Revolution: Integrating Design Education with Production (1952-1976)


27 March 2023, h 14

CASE 3 Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone: Constructing a Comprehensive Enclave for Foreign-related Business (1984-2001)


17 April 2023, h 14

CASE 4 Architectural Design as Modern Production and Organization: Chinese Architectural Design and Research Institutes in Rapid Urbanization (1978-2014)


26 April 2023, h 14

CASE 5 Onto a new Global Stage: China as the World Biggest Building Market (1998-2012)


8 May 2023, h 14

CASE 6 Shanghai Project: Inspiration from Everyday Urbanism and Online-offline Integrated Living (2014-2022)





Instructor: Ms. HUA Xiahong is a full professor and doctoral advisor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Chinese Registered Architect, visiting fellow in School of Architecture, Yale University, visiting professor and researcher in UniversitÓ IUAV di Venezia, the director for Tongji-UNIFI double degree master program. She is also the academic advisor for Atelier Archmixing and a part-time editor for Time+Architecture Magazine. Her academic interests include “Chinese Architects and Their Practices in Modern and Contemporary Times”, “Architectural Design as Modern Production and Organization”, “Contemporary Architecture in Consumer Culture” and “Everyday Urban Research and Regeneration Design Strategies for Ordinary Buildings”. She has co-authored Tongji Design for 70 Years: An Oral History (1952-2022) (2022), The Origin of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport No.1: The Limit (2022),Change is More: Architectural Thinking by Atelier Archmixing (2020), Sixty- year History of Tongji University Architectural Design Institute (2018) and Shanghai Hudec Architecture (2013) and contributed chapters in Largest Architectural Firms (Edifir, Edizioni Firenze, 2021), The Oral History of Chinese Architecture Series (2018,2019,2022), The History of Chinese Modern Architecture (2016), The Analysis and Inherence of Chinese Traditional Architecture (Shanghai volume) (2017), The Green House (2015), Regeneration & Re-use in China: Transforming the Existing (Santarcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli S.p.A, 2015) and Changing Shanghai: From Expo’s after Use to New Green Towns (Roma: Officina edizioni,2011) etc. Her writings have also been featured in prestigious international academic journals such as Architectural Design, Architectural Research Quarterly, Perspecta: the Yale Architectural Journal, Cambridge Journal of China Study, Cambridge Journal of China Studies, Built Heritage and leading Chinese architectural periodicals such as Architectural Journal, The Architect, Time+Architecture etc. As a practicing architect since 1995, she has designed projects of various types and won many awards. The design team she serves now as the academic advisor, Atelier Archmixing is one of the pioneering independent practices in China, and has been the first Chinese architectural studio providing a solo exhibition in RIBA London (2022). She also serves as a community planner for Changing District Shanghai.


霞虹 HUA Xiahong

CAUP, Tongji University, No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District Shanghai 200092, P.R.China

email (China): huaxiahong@tongji.edu.cn

email(Italy): xhua@iuav.it

tel(China): 086-13601768454

tel(Italy): 039-3343462483

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Students who intend to obtain recognition of 4 CFU type D credits must register by sending an email to the professor at the following email address: xhua@iuav.it by 6 March 2023