+ foreword
pippo ciorra


+ design by research
giovanni corbellini


genetic in-formation metaphor: eduardo arroyo vs françois roche
anna contati


rejected landscapes/recycled landscapes: waste disposal and recycling sites
silvia dalzero


the never-ending ulysses myth: the influence of the mediterranean sea on architectural thinking
giorgia de pasquale


architectural exhibition:the aesthetics of discourse
delphine desert


places beyond infrastructures: the second life of abandoned airfields
sara favargiotti


land stocks: a crosscutting strategy for the analysis and design of cities and territories
maddalena ferretti


towards a workable space
paola galante


kahn’s productive ambiguities at the adler and devore houses
guiomar martín domínguez


heritage: verfall der aura
giulia menzietti


[kool]age: interdisciplinary process as an opportunity?
caterina micucci


railway travel: the perception mechanisms of a moving space
marion nielsen


urban mutations: bucharest from east border to the core of europe
luigi pintacuda


from perception to design: architectural tools for the heritage landscape
laura pujia


the fourth landscape: ecological restoration, mitigation and compensation as design strategies
chiara rizzi


informal rooting: an open atlas
alessandro tessari


world war one: the impact of logistics on european territories
giulio testori


slow tracks, fast changes: the turkish bus terminal as urban transformation device
moira valeri


grow right, grow well: the role of architecture and planning in development aid projects at the un
paola zanotto