Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:






What ArTec offers


ArTec provides the following services:
- Information on basic materials and building products: the archive collects and presents  the Italian's market's  main building materials and products to give students a physical perception  about them (shape, dimensions, surface textures, assembly, methods of construction, etc.).
- A Library of technical information provided by the producing companies: the archive collects, sorts and contains technical documentation (catalogs, brochures, manuals, information materials, CD/DVD or link to websites) on products for construction and design;
- Classification and collection of key details;
- Information on how to use, installation and assembly (of the video material produced by companies or created ad hoc);

- A secretariat for the organization of relations between the school and industries, companies building to promote technical information,  seminars, training, product demonstrations.

- Free access database - materioteca.iuav.it


Products exposed and their criteria

Products and materials available in ArTec are selected on the basis of their significance for learning purposes by students of building techniques, technology and, more generally, the rules of correct building.

Exhibitors and products on display are selected on the basis of qualitative assessments.
ArTec shows products and materials' mock-ups,  a scale model with regard to particular details and / or assemblies on open-shelfs; others materials and design solutions are shown through paper drawings, CD and video.

Each product is accompanied with technical information and its trade name, that identifies the producer's name

Teachers can use our mock-ups to show students in the classroom during the lesson about the specific topic or in alternative they come in our office with few students

The databases of materials library  are technology archives that are proposed as an instrument of knowledge and dissemination of material information and may have commercial or educational purposes. In the first case is required a form of payment for economic advice, in the second (and ArTec is an example), object is the training of university students and deepening their knowledge in the field of material: student, especially in the early years of study, needs to ascertain the weight, texture, colour of a brick or to see a polymer composite of the latest generation.

Now the research is given to topics and products of sustainability recycling, fully bio-compatible for bio-architecture.