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application for the academic year 2015/2016 XXXi ciclo


Announcement of comparative evaluation for admission with scholarship to the PhD program jointly supervised by Universitā Iuav di Venezia and Curtin University of Technology of Perth (Western Australia)


Universitā Iuav di Venezia announces the comparative evaluation of qualifications for admission with scholarship to the PhD program jointly supervised by Universitā Iuav di Venezia and Curtin University of Technology of Perth (Western Australia).

The scholarship is financed by Curtin University of Technology in order to carry out a research project focussed on “FRP structural material in newly developing applications”.

The research project is specifically dedicated to in-depth, research and analysis in the field of new polymer-based structural materials by now known as FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) material and their specific performance also in form of elements or structures.

The candidate who will receive the grant will be dedicated to verify both from experimental and analytical/numerical side the performance of FRP materials with specific references to issues of sustainability and resilience of constructions which are two items of urgent and compelling actuality.

The specific area of research assigned to the Ph.D student can relate to new buildings or existing buildingsalso in a common area between architecture and civil engineering - such as issues related to static or dynamic fields, interacting with historic buildings or innovative one or application achievements and special case studies that they can take into account also the specific requirements provided by the environment and industry Australian context.


The doctoral student admitted will be enrolled in both concerned universities. At Curtin University he/she will be registered in the School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. At Universitā Iuav he/she will be registered in the PhD program Architecture, City and Design – curriculum Innovation for Building and Cultural Heritage.

Curtin University will act as primary institution where the doctoral student will receive a Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, inclusive of tuition fees and a living stipend of $23,000 per year for 3 years with a possible extension of 6 months.


The enrolment of the PhD student is effective from June 2016. The expected length of research is limited to three years with an option to extend for a further six  months. This length can be extended only in exceptional cases, after agreement by the two institutions.


The research will be carried out in both institutions following a timeline approved jointly by the PhD supervisors.  The student will spend the majority of his research time at the Primary Institution (Curtin University) but is expected to spend no longer than 12 months overall at the Secondary Institution (Iuav) for laboratory experimentation and direct supervision.


Deadline for application: 7th March 2016 at 12.00 (Italian time)



IMPORTANT: read the guidelines for the correct submission of the application downloadable from the Materials