Building a future countryside

Building a future countryside

Contemporary rural construction in China



23 maggio 2018

Badoer, aula Tafuri

ore 10


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Scuola di Dottorato


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Presentazione del Padiglione cinese

alla XVI Mostra Internazionale Biennale Architettura 2018


Opening Forum of the Pavilion of China

16th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia


opening speech

Benno Albrecht, direttore della Scuola di Dottorato Iuav

Li Xiangning, Tongji University di Shanghai, curatore del Padiglione

Wang Shu, Pritzker Architecture Prize 2012



Chen Haoru, Dong Yugan, He Jianxiang, Huang Xiangming,

Hu Jinsong, Li Yikao, John Lin, Liu Yuyang, Peng Lixiao, Shui Yanfei, Phlip F.Yuan,

Zhang Lei, Zhang Haiao



Aldo Aymonino, Aldo Cibic, Thomas Chung, Marino Folin, Enrico Fontanari,

Rikuo Nishimori, Matteo Dario Paolucci, Gianni Talamini



At the Pavilion of China, Building a Future Countryside depicts the countryside of contemporary China through six episodes: poetic dwellings, local production, cultural practices, agricultural tourism, community reconstruction, and future exploration. The exhibition outlines a freespace for opportunity and anticipates future development. Co-hosted by Tongji University and Universitā Iuav di Venezia, the forum focuses on contemporary rural construction in China and invites exhibitors, professors from both universities and other institutions to join in the discussion on building a future countryside. 





h 10.00

Opening Speeches

Li Xiangning

Benno Albrecht

Wang Shu


h. 10.20


Liu Yuyang

Place, Space and Memory: Culture as Infrastructure

Chen Haoru

Retrospect and Prospect: Rural Experiment

in Taiyang Commune Construction

Shui Yanfei

Contingency and Coherence

Li Yikao

Universal Research in Rural Architecture Practice


h. 11.00 Coffee Break


h. 11.20


He Jianxiang

Seaming of Arts and the Local

Peng Lixiao

Louna International Architects’ Village: Design-Led Village Vision

Dong Yugan

Mountain Dwelling. Waterside Dwelling. Forest Dwelling

John Lin

Learning from Rural


h. 12.00 Lunch


h. 13.45


Huang Xiangming

In Between: Alternative Suburban Intervention Case in Doumen

Hu Jinsong

The Start Button 

Zhang Haiao

Media and Rural Construction: Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre


h. 14.15

Panel 1: Countryside in the Age of Digital Fabrication

Phlip F. Yuan

The Robotic Future of the Countryside



Panel Discussion

Enrico Fontanari (moderator)

Rikuo Nishimori, Marino Folin, Aldo Cibic, Liu Yuyang


h. 15.10 Coffee Break


h. 15.30

Panel 2: Culture and Rural Construction

Zhang Lei

Architettura Artigianale


h. 15.40

Panel Discussion 

Matteo Dario Paolucci (moderator), Aldo Aymonino, Gianni Talamini,

Thomas Chung, Shui Yanfei


h. 16.30

Official Catalog Launching