Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Out of the ordinary


Policy-making in cities facing extreme challenges


22-25 giugno 2015

GSSI, L’Aquila


organizzato da

Antonio Calafati (GSSI, L’Aquila)

Francesca Gelli (Universitā Iuav di Venezia)


nell’ambito del Dottorato in Architettura, cittā e design

curriculum Pianificazione territoriale e politiche pubbliche del territorio


Very often cities must deal with out-of-the-ordinary policy problems. In fact, the history of cities is marked by ‘shocks’ and ‘adjustments’. Shocks may come in the form of ‘disasters’ – natural, ecological, economic – or of ‘big projects’ intended to re-invent one or more dimensions of the city. Whatever form they take, they may produce eects and raise questions that challenge the e€cacy of the current practices, the applicability of the standard policy frameworks – and even the prevailing social theories. On the basis of the knowledge generated by reecting on a number of case-studies – and having this knowledge interact with fundamental categories of policy analysis – the workshop will focus on the cognitive and political tactics and strategies that public actors elaborate in order ‘to frame’ the policy-making process in ‘out-of the ordinary circumstances’.


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