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Google Earth Engine



Piattaforma di monitoraggio ambientale online con dati satellitari Landsat


27 febbraio 2015

UNISKY Parco Scientifico Tecnologico VEGA, edificio Pegaso,

Porto Marghera

ore 13


Guido Lemoine

JRC senior researcher



Stefano Picchio


nell'ambito del Dottorato in Architettura, cittā e design,

curriculum Nuove tecnologie per il territorio, la cittā e l’ambiente



The introduction of "free and open" access to global high (10-30 m) resolution satellite imagery (e.g. Landsat, Copernicus Sentinels) with revisit frequencies up to 6 days will lead to a marked increase in monitoring applications at local, regional and continental scales. Evolving "Big Data Analytics" techniques are required to scale up the detail of derived environmental information several orders of magnitude compared to current practices with low resolution satellites. The presentation will discuss the relevance of these evolving technologies, with special focus on European and Global agricultural monitoring contexts. Examples using Landsat and Sentinel-1 will be demonstrated with the use of Google Earth Engine.