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Caterina Villani



Born in Italy, Caterina studied Architecture at Iuav, in Venice, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2013. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Architectural Design at the same university. While studying for her degree she attended several workshops relating to the urban requalification of Venice and environs, taught by national and international professors: Francesco Venezia (2011), Benjamin Nesbeitt (2012), Mathias Klotz (2013).

In 2014 as an intern, she worked for Metrostudio UK in London, on landscape projetcs as Shenzhen Prince Plaza, Bao'an District Park and Haikou City square.

As a visiting student, she attended a semester at Mc Gill University, in Montreal, focusing her research on the comparison between Chinese and North american structure of the cities.

She has been accepted by Tongji University in Shanghai as an exchange student for the academic year 2015-2016.



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