Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

admissions for the academic year 2012-2013


Guidelines for the correct submission of the application

to the Iuav School of Doctorate Studies


1. Read carefully the full text of the announcement and the information sheet of the doctorate course you will apply for.


2. Deposit the sum of € 58,00 in the Post Office account number 18328302, Universitą Iuav di Venezia – Servizio di Tesoreria – 30100 Venezia, with causale (reason for payment) “contributo accesso alla Scuola di dottorato di ricerca Iuav a.a.2012/13”.


Alternatively, the payment can be made by bank credit transfer to the current account held by the Universitą Iuav di Venezia at the Banco Popolare – Fondamenta S. Chiara, S. Croce 515 – 30135 Venezia codice IBAN IT36D0503402071000000020500 SWIFT: BAPPIT21710.


3. Check if you have all the documents listed in the information sheet of the doctorate course you will apply for (in pdf, tiff, xml, jpg).


4. If you hold a non Italian degree, please refer to art. 3 of the announcement.



how to complete the online application


1. If you have never been a Iuav student, register on the site http://iuav.esse3.cineca.it. If you have not the Italian tax code (codice fiscale) you must flag “Studente straniero senza Codice Fiscale Italiano”.


After registration you will receive a user ID and a password. After at least 5 minutes, you can go back to the homepage and enter the reserved area (“Login”). After acceding the reserved area, choose the path “Presiscrizioni” / “Concorsi” on the menu on the left.


2. If you have been a Iuav student and you still have got your user ID and password, you can use them to accede the reserved area; if you do not remember your user ID and password or if they do not work, get in touch with the IUAV School for Doctorate Studies Secretariat (infodottorati@iuav.it; tel. 041 2571787 – 1845 – 1426).


3. Complete all the steps of the online application. You will not be asked all that is listed in the checklist of the on-line application.


4. Pay particular attention when you are in the upload phase. Upload all the documents listed as compulsory in the information sheet of your doctorate course. Please put your surname in the file names. It will be possible for you to add, cancel or modify the uploaded documents until you click on “Completa l’ammissione al concorso”. After this final click it will not be possible to change any data or document. Uncompleted applications are not accepted.


5. At the end, you can print a summing up of your application. This must not be sent together with the paper application form.



how to submit the paper application form


Fill in and sign the paper application form and send it together with a copy of an identity document. Applications devoid of the candidate’s signature will not be taken into consideration.


The paper application form and the copy of the identity document can be sent in one of the following ways:

> delivery to the Archivio Generale d’Ateneo, Santa Croce - Tolentini 191 - 30135 Venezia, Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am and 1.00 p.m.


> by sending a registered mail parcel with notice of delivery, or by other means such as courier or first-class mail


> by fax at the number +39 041 257 1877


> transmission by the Italian Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC – certified e-mail) to the e-mail address ufficio.protocollo@pec.iuav.it, no later than 20 September 2012. Only transmission from another PEC can be accepted.



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