Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

how to apply to the School of Doctorate Studies


Announcement of comparative evaluation for admission to the Iuav School of Doctorate Studies – Doctorate course Architecture, City and Design academic year 2020/2021 – XXXVI cycle

deadline 13th July 2020

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Places reserved for holders of scholarships granted by foreign universities, other foreign institutions or international mobility programs

deadline 7th September 2020

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A public announcement for admission to the School of Doctorate Studies is announced by the month of May of each year.


The public announcement includes:

a) the programme’s educational plan

b) the duration of the programme

c) the number of available places

d) the methods for taking the comparative assessment exams 

e) the total number and monetary amount of available grants

f) information in the event of suspension, incompatibility, or withdrawal of grant allocation

g) cost of admission and programme enrolment

h) rights and obligations of doctorate students

i) methods, terms, and dates for presentation of applications and documentation for admission to the programme 


The announcement is made public on the University’s Official Notice Board, on the university website, on the website of the Ministry for Education, University and Research and on the European website Euraxess.


The comparative evaluation procedures have two phases. The first consists of the evaluation of the candidates’ qualifications which must include certification of foreign language skills.

The second phase consists of evaluation by means of an oral exam and, when required, of a written exam taken by the candidates who have obtained, in the first phase, in the minimum score established by the adjudicating commission.

The oral exams will be open to the public.




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