Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Doctoral programme in architecture, city and design




(three years program)



Palazzo Badoer

San Polo 2468




041 257 1426/1845/1865/1886/1787



coordinator: Paola Viganò



faculty body

Università Iuav di Venezia

Lorenzo Fabian, Viviana Ferrario, Stefano Munarin, Chiara Tosi, Luciano Vettoretto, Paola Viganò

others universities

Luc Baboulet, Cristina Bianchetti, Michiel Dehaene


Franco Mancuso e Mirko Zardini


Viviana Ferrario, Fabrizio Paone, Paola Pellegrini, Andrea Petrecca, Angelo Sampieri


phd students

Fabio Massimo Capra Ribeiro, Elena Ferrari, Luca Filippi, Alessia Franzese, Anna Livia Friel, Luca Iuorio, Hessam Khorasani Zadeh, Maria Leonardi, Elena Longhin, Benedetta Lucchitta, Lorenza Manfredi, Alessandra Marcon, Luis Antonio Martin Sanchez, Dan Narita, Michela Pace


>> track presented by Paola Viganò




The focus of the PhD programme, in general, is on the “urban planning project”, a term which preferably refers to a broader field than that of “urban planning” and one which includes what is commonly known as “urban and territorial policy” and the “urban project”. The urban planning project is an ensemble of activities through which a specific scientific-professional group strives to redefine the environmental conditions in which the process of social reproduction takes place.


The PhD programme aims at establishing the grounds for research and theoretical reflection important for analytical-planning practices and policies with regards to Urban Planning. For this reason, one of the programme’s top priorities is to acquire the most advanced techniques available for analysis and elaboration of territorial information, and to consider their theoretical background and the fields in which they can be applied, in addition to their experimentation in a series of salient case studies.


research areas

The PhD programme investigates four main areas of interest, seen as long-term research areas, all relative to the construction of today’s city and territories and to the current role of urban planning. Within each area, more specific themes are defined annually and according to a rational, clearly-defined, non contingent, research strategy:

a. urban planning: history, themes, experience

b. urban planning: building socially relevant knowledge

c. urban planning and architecture of the city and territory

d. urban planning and the physical construction of city and territory

With the results of ongoing research, each cycle of doctorate studies organizes a series of monographic courses, seminars, master classes, and workshops, which investigate in detail the specific areas of research outlined in the programmes.  Whilst, with the help of the faculty body, PhD students choose their specific area of research and study.


Each year the doctorate programme organizes a workshop in which PhD students are invited to participate, inclusive of:

> discussions among PhD students on topics proposed by either the faculty board or by PhD students themselves.

> a seminar on project experimentation (at the end of the first two years of the programme).

> final seminar for the presentation and discussion of dissertations. 

Each year the PhD programme also organizes, together with the University KU Leuven, TU Delft, and UPC Barcelona, a PhD seminar open to doctorate students from European and non European universities interested in presenting papers. The goal of the seminar is to inform both PhD students and scholars of current research being conducted and for establishing reciprocal contacts.


PhD students are also invited to pursue a period of research study abroad, as well as participate in lessons and seminars held by scholars outside the PhD programme and of interest to their field of research. They are furthermore invited to present the status of their research at various times throughout the programme.


academic careers for PhD students

PhD graduates from the past doctorate programmes went on to obtain positions as contract professors (7), researchers (1), contract lecturers (1), grant holders (5), didactic collaborators (3).


recently published dissertations

Alessandra Casu, I piani di riforma agraria nel secondo dopoguerra tra urbanistica moderna e progetto ambientale, Svimez 2003 (winner of the Svimez award)

Andrea Cavalletti, La città biopolitica. Mitologie della sicurezza, Bruno Mondadori, Milan 2005

Alessandro Petti, Arcipelaghi e enclaves. La trasformazione dell’ordinamento spaziale contemporaneo, Bruno Mondadori, Milan 2007


Note: many of the dissertations have led to publications in various journals and magazines.