Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Doctoral programme in architecture, city and design



new technologies for the city

and the environment

(three years program)



ca’ Tron

Santa Croce 1957




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site of PhD students



coordinator: Fabio Peron


faculty body

Universitą Iuav di Venezia

Giovanni Borga, Leonardo Filesi, Fabio Peron, Giuseppe Piperata, Umberto Trame

other universities

Salvatore Amaduzzi


Virginio Bettini, Gianluigi Cogo, Mario Dal Co, Luigi Di Prinzio, Domenico Patassini, Fabrizio Renzi, Massimo Rumor, Giovanni Sylos Labini



Massimiliano Condotta, Stefano Picchio


phd students

Valentina Andreazzo, Dario Bertocchi, Luisa Cattozzo, Silvio Cristiano, Margherita Ferrari, Francesca Guidolin, Denis Maragno, Elena Mazzola, Marco Nonveiller, Riccardo Pasi, Gianfranco Pozzer, Yonatan Tariku Tesfaye, Diego Tiozzo Netti


>> track presented by Andrea Prati




The doctorate programme in New Technologies and Information for the Region and Environment, the only programme in Italy with such characteristics, was founded by the University Iuav of Venice in 2007, following substantial preliminary research.

The complexity of the problems connected to regional and environmental management – including security, quality, and effectiveness – leads to an increasing demand for knowledge concerning the state and transformation of the region itself, in all of its physical, socioeconomic, and institutional aspects. Today there is still insufficient knowledge on this matter and the need for new research, on both a cultural as well as political-institutional level, is widely acknowledged. The aim of the programme is to obtain a better and more systematic understanding of regional and environmental systems, which target the protection and development of a Country.

The doctorate programme in New Technologies and Information for the Region and Environment responds to this demand for new awareness and knowledge.  A strategic incentive is the formation of highly qualified experts, with both scientific and cultural authority, positioning such figures in the public administrative system, and developing research structures and enterprises working within the ICT sector (Information Communication Technology).

The doctorate programme is characterized by a high technical and scientific profile, based on the mastery of resources offered by the ICT field to professionals in the field of regional and environmental computer management. The programme is fully aware of the role such resources can play in the innovation and rationalization processes of regional management models, both in the public sector, as well as in professional and business sectors. It boasts reliable, internationally-focused, cultural preparation in issues concerning the relation between models of knowledge and models of regional and environmental governance.

The goal of the doctorate programme in New Technologies and Information for the Region and Environment is to build a profile of researchers in the ICT field, focused on the themes of planning, governing, and regional/territorial management, as well as environmental protection on various scales and in diverse applied sectors. The programme intends to acquire in-depth knowledge and know-how of technological resources and related applicable problems, which include: the environment, land use planning, hydrogeological safety, transportation/mobility. On the other hand, it will acquire a sensibility for those aspects which are characteristic of the relationship between information and decision-making processes. This will be brought about through the building of shared knowledge frameworks and systems of action, at the base of regional and environmental governance processes. Such processes, in turn, distinguish the present day regulatory framework at a regional, national and European level.