Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Doctoral programme in architecture, city and design



innovation for building and cultural heritage

(three years program)



Palazzo Badoer

San Polo 2468




041 257 1426/1845/1865/1886/1787




coordinator: Antonella Cecchi


faculty body

Universitą Iuav di Venezia

Antonella Cecchi, Salvatore Russo, Anna Saetta


phd students

Claudia De Carvalho, Silvia Ientile, Cristina De Nardi, Jungtae Noh, Milorad Pavlovic, Irene Rocca





The program aims to train young graduates in architecture and civil engineering both for highly qualified professional job and for academic field. The course will provide expertise in the field of structures and structural design of new and historical constructions. Particular attention will be given to the modeling at material level, macro elements and structure as a whole, to the experimental tests, the seismic improvement, also by using new structural materials as FRP. It also will face the issues of safety assessment and risk reduction of natural hazards, regarding the existing and the new constructions. This will be carried out by considering within a unitary approach: the definition of the hazards, the assessment of the behavior of existing buildings also in order to reduce the invasivity of intervention, the choosing the structural system of the new buildings led by the prevention of the effects of the hazards themselves. The course may also take advantage on the Labs of the IUAV University, to address research issues in a comprehensive manner with a theoretical-experimental approach.