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villardjournal 03.021



edited by

Alessandra Pelizzari



Luca Di Lorenzo

Giulia Menzietti


deadline for abstract

2 August 2021



“It is common to divide human mental life into theoretical cognition and practical know-how. But it should be easy to see what an impoverished picture of mental life this gives. Art, for instance, does not primarily gives us knowledge as the sciences do, nor is art just a kind of practical technique. Art produces objects to which beholders and critics can allude, without ever really being able to paraphrase them in prose statements.”


HKRB Interviews, Graham Harman interviewed by Grant Hamilton about Object-Oriented Ontology, 2019.



This third issue of the villardjournal aims to explore the close and changing connections between theory and practice in the field of contemporary architecture and arts. As in other creative fields the design/artistic disciplines today imply a very fertile, grey zone that projects navigate with a growing sense of freedom. A sense of freedom and uncertainty that wasn’t there when the relations between normative theory (manual, treatise) and practical agency were separated by clear and sharp limits.

Intended as a sort of logbook, the issue seeks to investigate this grey zone between concepts and phenomena. Also, it aims to discuss what the pro-duction taking place in this area brings back to both theory and practice. The issue will then offer itself as an open platform to review the work of a specific series of generations operating from the late decades of the 20th century thru today. Mostly designers and artists whose practical work is often seeking for theoretical legitimation and whose theoretical actions often cross the border of happening in the real space.

The collection of contributions will therefore also be an opportunity to dis-

sect the contemporary concept of theory (what it is made of, how it operates, how it incorporates other disciplines) and how the architecture practice is

trying to re-define its position in the social fabric.

By gathering different points of view on the relations between theory and practice in architecture and arts today we aim at contribute to the ongoing

debate, integrating the toolkit to discuss, produce, criticize, contemporary art and architecture.



PhD students, researchers, academics, critics, architects and artists, are invited to present their testimony and to give their personal point of view about the relationship between practice and theory in their personal discipline.

We welcome abstract proposals (<400 words) for the selection of papers (<4000 words);

or 1 commented image (caption <100 words) for the selection of visual contributions (<20 authorial images - 300 dpi).

Please send your proposal at


within the O2/O8/O21