venerdì 15 maggio 2009, ore 15.00

Venezia, ex convento delle Terese, aula E


Robert Lederer

Incorporating Digital Technology Into Traditional Medical Modeling Practices

The talk will describe how digital information gathered in medical diagnostic practices has been used in an area that traditionally relied on manual medical sculpting techniques.

Systems and processes have been developed that have resulted in: improved surgical planning, elimination of surgeries, and improved accuracy of prosthetics for intraoral and extraoral patient cases. iRSM (Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine) has been set up specifically to develop and implement the uniqueness of these practices within Canada. As the only centre in Canada to provide these services, it has attracted many international medical facilities and practitioners to use these digital workflows in their own practice.

Additional material: case studies of other medical design projects undertaken by Prof. Lederer in conjunction with students and other departments at the UofA.


Robert Lederer

Associate Professor of Design, is a graduate of Sydney College of the Arts. Australia.  B.A.(i.d)1982,  and the University of Alberta  M.Des.1998. Robert Lederer has practiced as an Industrial Designer both as a staff designer and a freelance consultant in Australia and in Canada.

He joined the University of Alberta as a sessional lecturer of Industrial Design in 1986 and as a FTC Assistant Professor and program Coordinator in 1999. His research at IRSM ( Misericordia Hospital) has been examining “seamless technological interface” in patient treatment systems utilizing rapid –prototyping 3D imagery and other digital formats, as well developing test devices with researchers at the University Hospital MRI facility. A long term collaboration project with the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine in the development of student projects in the utilization of Universal design methodology and principles for the design of products for an aging population has received a commendation by the American Society on Aging for Exemplary Program in Industrial Design (2002). Professor Lederer teaches classes in design principles, advanced industrial design practice and human factors.

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