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Recensione di Layla Betti sulla mostra Visualizing Venice: Exploring the city’s past apparso nella Newsletter 02/2013 del CAMOC, organo dell’ International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities (ICOM).


Millions of eyes look up at windows, bridges, capers, and they might be scanning a blank page. Many are the cities like Phyllis, which elude the gaze of all, except the man who catches them by surprise

Italy Calvino – Invisible Cities


This quote by the Italian writer Italy Calvino sums up perfectly our attitude towards our cities: so often we do not ask ourselves about the city’s secrets, about its past.

The most ordinary of cities can be beautiful when we can find a way to discover them again.

On 20th December last, I visited a really interesting exhibition at the IUAV, the University of Architecture, Design and Art of Venice. The exhibition was calledVisualising Venice – new technologies for urban history’ and was the result of an in-depth investigation by the

university research unitMemorial e Rappresentazione’ (memory and representation) in collaboration with a number of other institutions, such as Duke University in the USA, the University of Padova in Italy and the Nesting Scrl for developing software. The ‘Visualising

Veniceproject aimed to find new ways of studying and representing urban history, combining together traditional historical documentation like, for example, cartography, with other kinds of materials which describe the evolution of the city such as drawings, texts and paintings and with the new software technologies, particularly ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The exhibition I visited is only the first step in disseminating the results of research, which started in 2010. Work is not yet finished: it is continuing and the Board is organising conferences and workshops to spread knowledge of the research and to go on to practical matters. […]


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