Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Studying Italian


studying Italian

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ItaliAmo – Viaggio in italiano



Studying Italian


Ca’ Foscari Foundation Year

The Ca’ Foscari Foundation Year is a propaedeutic year-long programme, designed to prepare international students for studying degree programmes at an Italian university. Students will take courses on modern Italian history, English or Italian language, as well as a basic introduction to the main disciplines of future study. 
In the mainframe of this programme, Iuav provides the Architecture, Art and Design track: it is designed for students wishing to apply for a degree course in the fields of architecture, arts, design, fashion or urban planning.
This track is taught mainly in English but some lessons will be in Italian towards the end of the module.
As suggested by the national admissisons policy for undergraduate studies in Architecture, Art and Design, students will take two admission test simulations (in Italian) during the course.

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International students can study Italian at a partner university language centre:

> School for International Education (S.I.E.)

San Sebastiano, Dorsoduro 1686, Venezia




Courses are also offered by many private language schools in the metropolitan area:

Istituto Venezia

Dorsoduro, Campo Santa Margherita, 3116/A, Venezia

tel (+39) 041 522 4331




SocietÓ Dante Alighieri

Fondamenta S. Elena, Venezia

tel (+39) 041 523 4590




Istituto Zambler Mestre

Via Forte Marghera, 27 (Piazza Barche)

30175 Mestre (VE)

tel (+39) 041 951649





Universities for Foreigners


The University for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena organise Italian language and culture courses at different levels, for individual students or groups. They offer the opportunity of following training courses that are specifically built on the students’ expressed educational needs, aiming at developing aspects of the Italian language, culture, and territory.

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ItaliAmo – Viaggio in italiano


Follow Leo and Lisa in their journey through the most beautiful places in Italy; they will discover not only the Italian language but also the breathtaking wonders of Italy and Made in Italy. From Rome to Sicily, from the Alps to Naples, you will get in touch with a rich ancient history of art, food and…words! Following our main characters you could easily and intuitively learn the basics of Italian language thanks to a wide vocabulary of common expressions, immersive linguistic exercises, cultural and gastronomic curiosities designed to introduce you to the beauty of the Italian lifestyle. The course is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and it is developed in collaboration with the European Institute for Design (IED).



Financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the European Institute of Design (IED), “Viaggio in italiano”, is an innovative course to learn the basics of the Italian language and discover the beauties of Italy and the Made in Italy. Each of the ten stages is divided into four sections in which you will find not only dialogues, common expressions, linguistic exercises, but also cultural and culinary curiosities. This new tool is designed for the needs of those who get in touch for the first time with the Italian language for passion, work or holidays.


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