Living in Venice

Living in Venice


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Banks and Post Offices


Getting around


Exploring the Veneto Region, Italy, Europe


Phone calls


Eating habits




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Banks and Post Offices

Payments and taxes can be paid in post offices and banks.

Here is a list of larger post offices, all of them with ‘Sportello amico’ service (for stay permit):


> in Venice:

Santa Croce 511 (Bus Station - P.le Roma) 

San Polo 2022 (at S. Polo square)

San Marco 5016 (behind S. Salvador church - near Rialto)


> in Mestre:

Via Milano 20 (sideroad of Corso del Popolo)

Viale San Marco 102/R (bus/tram stop San Marco)



Getting around


In Venice

What are the best ways to move around in a city without cars?

While walking is the best option to explore the city there are a few options you shall consider for longer distances:

- within the city of Venice and the islands of the lagoon: waterbuses (vaporetti)

- to the mainland: buses or trains


Waterbuses and buses are managed by ACTV through VeneziaUnica, a card to store transport tickets and passes, it is valid for 5 years and lets you travel at reduced rates on waterbuses and buses.

You can purchase it at the dedicated office in Piazzale Roma (open every day from 06.30 to 19.30)

You need to bring the following documents:

- a copy of ID or passport

- fiscal code (codice fiscale)

- a certificate of enrolment at Iuav


For more information on waterbus and buses


For more information on tourism in Venice


Exploring the Veneto Region, Italy, Europe


Venice is very well-connected to all main sites in the Veneto Region and with the rest of Italy and Europe with trains leaving from Venezia Santa Lucia train station, buses/coaches leaving from Piazzale Roma and through Marco Polo and Treviso airports.


For more information on trains




For more information on buses/coaches




For more information on airports

Venice Marco Polo



For further information on tourism

Veneto Region




Phone calls

To make a call from Italy you need to dial 00 + country code before the phone number, while if you want to call Italy from abroad you need to dial 0039 before the number.


If you have a mobile phone, you can buy an Italian SIM card for national and international calls.

SIM cards usually cost around € 20, and can be purchased at mobile phone shops, post offices or supermarkets. To activate the SIM card you need your fiscal code, ID or passport and an italian address of reference.

Pre-paid recharges (ricarica telefonica) can be bought in any tobacconist’s, at the supermarket or online through the mobile operator website/app.


There is also a number of free apps that allows to make calls and video-calls through the internet.


In case you don't have a mobile phone, you can purchase a pre-paid card at a tobacconist's: there are different types according to the country you would like to call.



Eating habits


In Venice, as in the rest of Italy, there are three main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner with a few snacks during the day.

A very popular Venetian habit is the aperitivo before dinner: people gather in small taverns (bacari) and cafÚs to share an aperitif and a few appetizers (cicheti). This habit can get longer at weekends and when it completely replaces dinner is called apericena.


Venetian cuisine is mainly based on local specialties and fresh food. Ingredients from other parts of Italy sneak into Venetian dishes and cross-cultural fusion is also very popular.


Here is a non-comprehensive list of Venetian specialties:


BaccalÓ mantecato: cod fish served as a white cream on toasted bread

Sarde in saor: sardines, with onion-y mixture

Tramezzini: small sandwiches of white triangular bread with various fillings


First courses

Bigoi in salsa: spaghetti-like pasta with anchovies, onions, tomatoes and fennel seeds

Risotto al nero di seppia: rice with squid ink


Second dishes

Frito misto: crunchy mix of fried shrimp, calamari rings and vegetables

Poenta e schie: small lagoon prawns served with corn cream


Desserts and pastry

Bussolai, zaeti, baicoli: biscuits

Frittelle: small fried dough balls made during the Carnival



Spritz: prosecco wine, bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar, or Select, sparkling mineral water and a slice of orange or lemon depending on the liqueur, an olive.


Eating out is very common at weekends and it is better to reserve a table if you are going to a restaurant.

Tips are not required but they can be a sign of deep appreciation for the meal or the service.


Besides supermarkets, you can also shopping for food specialties in bakeries, pastry shops.

Outdoor markets are a local alternative to find fresh food (e.g. Rialto market).




Venice is located on the north-eastern coast of Italy and it is washed by the Adriatic Sea that influence its weather all year round.


Below is an overview of the weather conditions in Venice during the year:






April, May, June

days are long, temperatures are moderate, not much rain


July, August, September

hot and humid, storms that makes the temperature cooler for a few days


October, November, December

daylight is shorter, pleasant temperatures, fog, acqua alta


January, February, March

mild, temperature averaging above freezing, snow is rare, acqua alta


In autumn and winter, when astronomical tide and wind cause a large inflow of water in the lagoon the phenomenon of acqua alta (high tide) takes place.

It usually lasts about two hours and affects only some areas of the city. It generally causes little inconvenience and offers a peculiar perspective on the city.

People are alerted with acoustic signals and walkways are placed on the busiest streets: when the tide is higher than 120 cm rubber boots are necessary.


Venice City Council offers a free high tide alert system via short text messages.

For further information and subscription [IT]


The Tide Forecast Center created Hi!Tide (for Android and iOs), a free app to monitor the tide in Venice and check which areas are flooded.



Free time


Events in Venice

Venice offers many opportunities to enjoy the city: museums, art galleries, cinemas, theatres.

The events agenda is very varied and you can choose among different opportunities to get the most out of your free time.


For more information


Venetian feasts






San Marco

April 25th

La Sensa




Regata storica


La Salute

November 21st


For more information on Venetian feasts > tradizioni veneziane


Events at Iuav

Iuav organises a number of events throughout the year: check your institutional email for notifications on upcoming events or visit >> Agenda Iuav



Discount cards for students

As a university student, museums and cultural institutions allows you to get a reduced price by showing your Iuav card.

You can also apply for other discount cards to enter museums, cinemas, theatres at a reduced price.


The following are the most popular:

European Youth Card


Rolling Venice Card (for under 29)


CinemaPi¨ card [IT]