Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:


Through the ISEE indicator is possible to assess the effective income and asset situation of anyone requesting financial aid.

It is obtained by combining and assessing three factors: income, assets and the composition of the household.


If you are residing abroad, you may request a particular kind of ISEE that is called ISEE parificato (ISEE equivalent or IPU). It is used in cases where it is not possible to present an ISEE declaration related to accrued income in Italy. 

You should request an ISEE parificato if you are:

>a non-Italian national resident abroad;

>Italian national resident abroad;

>non-Italian national residing in Italy who is not financially independent.


How to request your ISEE/ISEE parificato?

It is possible to request a free appointment, in order to obtain your ISEE, only in the Caaf (Fiscal assistance centre), partner of our University:


> In Venice: Fondamenta del Gaffaro 3536; tel. (+39) 041 549 1188

> In Mestre: via Ca’ Marcello 10; tel. (+39) 041 549 1100


You must come to your appointment at the mentioned CAF offices with all the required documents.

The ISEE parificato will be calculated on the basis of your income and assets abroad and will be automatically transmitted to Iuav.


Please note!

The university is required by law to carry out random checks to confirm the truthfulness and accuracy of the information submitted in self-certification. Making a false statement is not only a criminal offence but will lead to administrative penalties being applied.