master degree

theatre and performing arts

course leader



course leader

Annalisa Sacchi





admission: limited

> theatrical and choreographic studies: 29 places

23 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

6 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad

> performance and gender studies: 29 places

23 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

6 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad


ministerial degree code

LM-65 Scienze dello spettacolo
e produzione multimediale



performance and gender studies track >>

performance and gender studies track >>


theatrical and choreographic studies track >>



The master’s degree in theatre and performing arts at UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia is a unique study programme in Italy organised in 2 tracks.

The study programme includes both theoretical teachings, strongly connected with new epistemologies, and an intensive integrated offer of labs, workshops and seminars led by artists and professionals from the international theatre, choreography and performance scene. The 2 tracks are thus linked are thus linked by a common approach to participation in learning that entails the reaffirmation of all different approaches to contemporary world knowledge.


This study programme takes on the exceptional nature of performance practices concerning the theatre of groups, collectives, companies, communities from the Italian and international scene, and the complex interweaving of languages and verbal, corporeal, acoustic and video writings on the present scene.

The courses address the challenge of a confrontation between media and performance experiences even at the crossroads of cultural meanings that affect identities and sexuality, in a strong connection with decolonial critical perspectives capable of freeing bodies and thoughts from hegemonic visions.

The master’s degree responds to a demand from the arts system regarding the new skills required by the contemporary scene and aims to understand the plurality of contemporary languages and practices.


The study programme is characterised by the combination of:

- a strong core of theoretical and historical-methodological courses, taught by scholars who work in the field of contemporary research and experimentation with an interdisciplinary approach (theatre, dance, sound, choreography, set design, cinema, digital language practices), with a specific focus on the historiographic construction and critical theory of the performing arts in Italy and worldwide;

a broad range of workshops conducted by the most representative professionals and artists of the contemporary scene, who contribute to defining the outline of a constantly updated programme.

Students are introduced to the theory, history and practice of theatre, choreography and performing arts in direct contact with the most advanced contemporary practices.

During the two-year study period, students join a community of theorists, artists and practitioners committed to the development and renewal of future artistic practices and scenic thinking.


The master’s degree in theatre and performing arts fills the lack of postgraduate programmes aimed at acquiring the theoretical and practical skills needed in the various fields of the performing arts at the local and national level.



The multidisciplinary approach of the master’s degree provides innovative training in the following areas:

- artistic, design and technical skills to become director, set designer, performer, playwright, choreographer, light designer, sound designer, multimedia designer

- theatre and communication curatorship to work as curator, creative and organisational director, project manager, communication and promotion specialist.