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course leader

Salvatore Russo





admission: limited

353 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

7 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad


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LM-4 Architettura e ingegneria edile – Architettura



studying architecture in Venice

studying architecture in Venice

Studying architecture at UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia means entering a university with design process at the core of the whole educational experience.

Venice is the place where to enjoy a unique study experience while gaining inspiration for future career steps.

A long tradition connects Venice to UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia. A tradition of masters, from Carlo Scarpa to Aldo Rossi, who saw in this city the power to transmit the aspiration to beauty.

Iuav responds to the needs of a constantly evolving professional world: at all levels to design means to be able to interpret places, know their history, coordinate different disciplinary competencies.


the master’s degree in architecture

The master’s degree in architecture is structured around three topics: conservation, sustainability and interiors. Students can choose to organise their studies around one of these topics or they can choose a flexible study plan, combining them according to their own interests, curiosity and attitudes.

This study programme explores crucial issues in architecture, city and territory, highly specialised contemporary projects that concern the human, built and spontaneous landscape.

The study of the topics mentioned above is concentrated in the first three semesters, while the fourth semester focuses more on the choice of graduation subject, intended as the development of a single topic of interest or as the further development of one of the integrated workshops.


The range of themes addressed includes territory, material innovation, management of sensitive areas (historical and modern), resilient design and strategic reconstruction issues, up to interior design. This last path, from domestic to public space and museum displays, is one of the most recent additions to the master’s degree in architecture.


W.A.Ve. Workshop di Architettura a Venezia

Architecture students have the opportunity to live an extraordinarily effective learning experience: W.A.Ve. Workshop di Architettura a Venezia, the architecture summer workshops in Venice.

Every summer architecture students are involved in the workshops under the guidance of 30 internationally renowned architects and professionals.

During the three-week intensive programme, students take part in a learning-by-doing experience set in an inspiring international context.

W.A.Ve. is a unique creativity atelier that ends with a collective exhibition of works open to the public and with the award ceremony for the best projects evaluated by an international panel.



The master’s degree in architecture can lead to architectural professions as recognised in Europe, naturally in the building and construction sectors, as well as at larger scales of intervention. It provides targeted and wide-ranging preparation to work within complex, multi-scalar scenarios, with a particular focus on Italian contemporary issues . This study programme provides high-level professional training on the technical skills and responsibilities required in the European context, which increasingly address territorial conservation and the reuse and regeneration of the existing building stock.