bachelor degrees 2019-20


course leader



course leader

Giuseppe D’Acunto





admission: limited

410 places for EU and EU-equated applicants

10 places for non-EU candidates residing abroad


ministerial degree code

L-17 Scienze dell’architettura



why study at Iuav

why study at Iuav?

Iuav is a special university.

The only one in Italy to offer comprehensive education and training in the project-related disciplines: architecture, design, urban planning, visual arts, theatre, and fashion. At Iuav, workshops are led by the most qualified lecturers in their respective disciplines and by renowned professionals from all over the world.


Iuav promotes study experiences and internships in Italy and abroad, encourages exchanges with international students, and is a pioneer in issues related to the new careers, providing skills in line with the global scenario.


A university internationally throughout the world and located in Venice, a unique city in terms of atmosphere, lifestyle and cultural offer.


studying architecture in Venice

Studying architecture at UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia means entering a university with the design process at the core of the entire educational experience.

Venice is the place where to enjoy a unique study experience while gaining inspiration for future career steps.

A long tradition connects Venice to UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia.

A tradition of masters, from Carlo Scarpa to Aldo Rossi, taught at Iuav and saw in this city the power to transmit the aspiration to beauty.

Iuav responds to the needs of a constantly evolving professional world: at all levels, to design means to be able to interpret places, know their history, and coordinate different disciplinary skills.


the bachelor’s degree in architecture

A key feature of the bachelor’s degree in architecture is the ongoing dialogue between theory and practice, knowledge and know-how, that allows students to constantly assess their learning.


The final annual workshop is the place for practical experimentation and assessment of acquired knowledge and interdisciplinary relations for the definition of an architectural project.

The bachelor’s degree in architecture provides students with the cultural, methodological and technical knowledge required to work competently and independently at the end of the three-year study programme. At the same time, it provides the necessary foundations for further studies at a master's degree level.

The first year identifies and establishes the cultural framework and basic languages.

The second year focuses on construction techniques and environmental control. The third year is dedicated to the features of contemporary urban design.


W.A.Ve. Workshop di Architettura a Venezia

Architecture students have the opportunity to live an extraordinarily effective learning experience: W.A.Ve. Workshop di Architettura a Venezia, the architecture summer workshops in Venice.

Every summer all bachelor’s degree students are involved in the workshops under the guidance of 30 internationally renowned architects and professionals.

During the three-week intensive programme, students take part in a learning-by-doing experience set in an inspiring international context.

W.A.Ve. is a unique creativity atelier that ends with a collective exhibition of works open to the public and with the award ceremony for the best projects evaluated by an international panel.



Graduates can work as junior architects (Italian professional register of architects, planners, landscape architects, conservators/section B), and in particular, they can:

1. work on design activities, project management, valuation and testing of construction works, including public works;

2. design and manage construction works, carry out supervision, accounting, and settlement applied to simple civil constructions, with standard methods and direct or instrumental surveys of contemporary/historical buildings.


Graduates can further enhance their professional profile by attending first-level postgraduate specialisation programmes or other specialisation courses.