Available positions: 360

Available positions: 360

353 + 7 reserved for non-EU students living abroad (including 1 position for Marco Polo students)




> Who can apply?

> How to apply

> Admission test

> Final assessment method

> Admission ranking

> Fee payment

> After the test: enrolment



Who can apply?

Candidates must be in possession of:

– Undergraduate degree obtained under DM 270/04 at a course belonging to Class Degree L-17;

– Undergraduate degree in Architecture Sciences (Class Degree 4) according to DM 509/99 obtained at Iuav;

– Undergraduate degree (even obtained abroad) or university degree that allows the recognition of the required 108 compulsory education credits in the programmes of Class Degree L-17 (as shown in the table that is found Article 2 of the competition notice).




How to apply

Candidates must first register online and fill in the application from 14 May to 24 August 2020, by connecting to the Online Desk of the Iuav website.

When applying online, the applicant will have to pay a € 30.00 admission fee through the PagoPA procedure.

Non-EU students residing abroad will also have to pre-enroll online on the Universitaly portal, in order for the diplomatic mission in charge to handle their visa procedure.




Admission test

The department’s dean appoints a committee that is responsible for evaluating the applicants’ admissibility to the programme, and for evaluating the curriculum studiorum of applicants with foreign qualifications or Italian qualifications prior to DM 509/99, with respect to the requirements for admission referred to in Art. 2 of the Competition Notice.




Final assessment methods

Admission rankings will be established according to their final admission test scoring:

– a max of 60 points for the weighted average of their exam scores;

– a max of 40 points for the evaluation of their portfolio.

In the case that two candidates have the same total score, the younger candidate will be given priority.




Admission ranking

Admission rankings will be published on the University official record and on the university website from 10 September 2020.




Fee payment

When completing the online pre-enrolment (see next paragraph), you will be asked to pay the first instalment of the university fees from the Online Desk. The maximum amount of university fees for a.y. 2020/21 is € 2,779.00 (including stamp duty and regional tax for the right to study), divided into 3 instalments.




After the test: enrolment

All admitted candidates must pre-enroll from 10 to 16 September 2020 by completing the online procedure through the Online Desk (they are required to upload photo ID), and by paying the first instalment.


After their pre-enrolment, EU applicants and non-EU applicants will then have to finalise their enrolment from 10 September to 2 October 2020 by dating and signing their enrolment form, and uploading it in their personal area in the “Enrolment/Manage attachments” section.


Non-EU applicants residing abroad must finalize their enrolment from 28 September to 2 October 2020 at Campo della Lana, admission service, at the following times:

– Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm;

– Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

They must submit:

– dated and signed enrolment form;

– receipt of first instalment payment;

– copy of a valid ID;

– copy of tax code;

– copy of residence permit (or application receipt);

the original documentation issued by the Italian representative office they pre-registered in: original diploma certificate (with official translation, legalisation, and declaration of value of the degree certificate), application form for pre-registration (Modello A), photo authentication.

PLEASE NOTE: procedures for non-EU applicants residing abroad may change due to the current COVID sanitary emergency.