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The Archivio Progetti was founded within the Fondazione Angelo Masieri in 1987 and has been actively engaged in researching, acquiring, organising and publishing architecture archives ever since. It has increased its collections constantly for more than twenty years and has become an international reference point on the techniques for organising and, especially, for describing this sort of archives. The Archivio Progetti is directed primarily at Iuav students and professors, but also serves outside researchers, curators, museums and publishing houses professionals.

In fact, the current mission of Archivio Progetti is to improve new historical-critical studies and interdisciplinary long term researches, as well as teaching collaborations, in order to explore and foster the debates on architecture and design heritage, as activators of social, political and cultural processes.



The acquisition collection policy started by focusing on the contributions of the master architects and urban planners of the Scuola di Venezia (Giovanni Astengo, Giuseppe Samoną, Egle Renata Trincanato, Giancalo De Carlo, Gianugo Polesello, Giuseppe Torres, Ferdinando Forlati, Luciano Semerani and Gigetta Tamaro… just to name some of them) and soon after opened up to photography (Giorgio Casali, Mauro Masera, G. E. Kidder Smith), design and decorative arts (Luca Meda, Paolo De Poli and Diego Birelli), reflecting the interdisciplinary approach of our university.


online catalogue

The main research tool is the project archives’ online catalogue, which supplies all of the information on the archivescollections, drawings, documents, photographs, models and instruments, often accompanied by reproductions.

The catalogue makes it possible to do research at every level, be it in the various archives themselves or through other databases consultable in the university’s library and documentary system.



consultation of original documents and photographic archives

photographic and digital reproductions for research and publication

loans for exhibitions and events


referral to other centres and entities dealing with architectural documentation




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